A Good Day

After airing my frustrations in this morning’s post, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Since I am writing a “health and fitness” blog, I had given myself the unrealistic thought that I should be happy with my body at all times.  But writing that post, I realized that I was not upset with the way my body looks as much as the way my body is working. And that it OK to not be happy when my amazing body is not doing the things it is designed to do. 

Once my post was published, I went on to preapre my first meal of the day.  At 7:00 a.m., I did not want anything heavy but I did want something filling. So I whipped up a smoothie with banana, almond milk and two scoops of this


The smoothie was quite delish! This protein powder seemed to blend really well and did  not have a weird aftertaste or chalky texture like I have experienced with other powders.

My second breakfast was a big yogurt mess – Chobani strawbery yogurt topped with gluen free rice chex and a sliced banana.  I did eat this bowl at my desk. But I made sure to slow down and really enjoy my second breakfast rather than rushing thru it.

Lunch was from our office cafeteria.  I made a huge salad with mixed greens, peppers, brocoli, cauliflower, olives, and topped it with a grilled chicken breast. I forgot to snap a picture until I was 90% finished (blogger fail).

But I did snap a picture of my afternoon snack. I even went outside to capture the pic – better lighting!

A Granny Smith apple with a smear of almond butter.   Eating smaller meals throughout the day left me feeling energized and I had no cravings for sweets. Win!

Now I am off to my aerobics class, I have a 1,000 rep challenge planned for them.  Then decorating for my church’s Vacation Bible School. See ya later!

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