Redefining Me

Sarah  started the 101 Days of Blogging  earlier this week.  I am a little late to the part as I am jumping in on Day 6. But I thought the idea and the message was fantastic, so I had to join in.  101 Days of Blogging has bloggers using the 101 Ways to Be Revolutionary as a guide for creating blog posts for 101 days.  Day 6’s revolutionary way to be healthy is to Redefine Yourself.

Ask me to define myself and I first tell you that I am the wife of an insanely support and giving husband.

Then I would gone on to tell you that I am the mother of a lively, spirited, big-hearted, beautiful daughter.

I am likely to go on to tell you that I am daughter to the best parents in the world, big sister to a little sister who has grown to be my best friend, an aunt, a niece, a best friend.

Notice a pattern?  I am defining myself in terms of my relationships with other. And while I love every relationship I have and would NEVER change my roles in those relationships. I have somehow lost sight of who I am all by myself.  So I started thinking who am I,  who do I want to be, how do I really want to be definied?  And after a few hours of contemplation, I have a suprisingly good vision.

I am self-proclaimed book nerd who was highly uncoordinated (still am) until I fell in love with fitness. Then I become a strong, powerful woman who loves the runner’s high, the sight of sweat glisten on my sink, and the feel of sore muscles.  I am determined – pushing past my mind tell me “You can’t” and proving “Yes, I can” – whether it’s increasing the weight on my squats, cutting down my 5K time, or learning a new pose in yoga.

I am a health and fitness blogger.

I am strong.

I am powerful.

I am beautiful.

I am a woman who hated, despised, and abused her body for year via an eating disorder. But I am a woman who learned how to overcome my ED and learned to love and appreciate the wonderful thing that my body is.  I am the woman who celebrates what my body can do, and is not bothered by the number on the scale or the label of my jeans.

I am loving.

I am kind.

I live life to the fullest each day.

I am the woman who rereads her old journals remembering who and what I thought I’d be at this stage of life, and realizes that she has far exceeded her wildest dreams.

I am me – and I love it!

So who are you?  Are you like me – do you first define yourself in relation to others? Have your definitions of yourself changed over time?


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