Not all Cures Come in Pill Form

I work in the healthcare industry. And while I am not involved in direct patient care, I am exposed enough to understand that many patients today expect medicine, especially pharmaceuticals, to cure the health issues that plague them.
I have family members who are severely diabetic and yet that pursuit in eating heavily sugar-laden foods.  When I confronted one such family member about their behavior, their response was “I can just up an insulin shot tomorrow.”
Yesterday, I shared with you a list of symptoms  that I have been battling for several months. I talked about how I am advocating for my health by having an open discussion with my doctor about the symptoms, my suspicions on their causes, and the testing that I want performed to aid her in making a definitive diagnosis.
But I know that whatever my doctor discovers, my health is not going to be fully restored by a pill.
“Make whole-person vitality, well-being, and resilience your goal”.
For me, health is about having a heart, mind, and body that are working happily and in one accord. For me to achieve such harmony, I have to look at other ways to live a healthy lifestyle.  Those include:
Avoiding foods that cause my body to reactive negatively

Eliminating Negative Self Image
Removing toxic relationships/situations from my life.
Writing in my gratitude journal.
By fostering these (and other) healthy habits, I have reduced my stress levels, minimize my feelings of fatigue, increased my mental clarity, and controlled my stomach issues.
Yes, I still have days where I feel bad, but those days don’t define me.  If anything, those are the days where I push harder during a workout, eat cleaner, or journal more.  I refuse to be defined (link to redefining me post) by my symptoms.  And I will not fully rely on a pill to cure me. 
What non-medical interventions do you use to handle illnesses you may face?

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