Toning Tuesday: Surrender Squats

I love weight training – the feel of muscles growing, stretching, leaning out.  And I love learning new weight training moves so I thought it would be fun to start a series that shares some of my favorite weight training moves.  Up first, is the surrender squat, I learned this move as part of the training plan that Tina created for me.

Begin in a standing position with a set of dumbbells held straight overhead.  Be sure to choose a weight that is challenging but that you can hold overhead for several minutes.

Take a step backwards with your right leg.

Slowly sink down until your back knee touches the ground.  Be sure that your front knee is not extending past your front toe.

Then bring your front leg down to rest beside the back leg.


Lastly, step your right foot forward again and push up into a standing position.  Complete 8 to 10 reps on the right leg then switch sides for 1 set. I would recommend 2 sets for a good burn and 3 sets if you want your legs to feel shredded afterwards.

What new weight training moves have you learned lately?  What is your favorite move for toning your lower body?


One thought on “Toning Tuesday: Surrender Squats

  1. I was part of Tina’s boot camp too. I’ve decided to so some of the workouts again, and tomorrow I’m doing these squats again – I remember how hard they were the first time, I’m thinking they’ll be just as hard tomorrow morning!

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