If nothing changes…


These are my favorite pair of shorts. I have owned them for over 8 years buying them on a post-college graduation shopping spree.  At the time, I fell in love with them because they were a whole 2 sizes bigger than what I had been wearing, a sign that I had gained weight and in my mind defeated my eating disorder. (That wasn’t true, but that’s another story for another day).  When I began dating my husband, these were the shorts he requested I wear most often.  He loved how they ‘hugged my curves’ without being over tight or short.  Over the years they have been the barometer by which I judge my fitness level.  When they were a bit snug, I’d amp up my workout intensity or adjust my eating happens, too loose and I would shave off a few workouts.

I tried them on last night – they won’t button.  Even though my scale has shown a number higher than my feel good weight, I’ve been pretty dismissive about it.  My body has been out of sync for a while and I kept telling myself that the weight gain was due to my health issues.  And there is some truth to that statement.  But in all reality, I have not been walking the walk.  Too many trips to the vending machine, too many fast food meals, and too many late night ice cream sundaes have added up.

I’ve kept looking for a quick fix – even though I know that true weight loss and more importantly true health does not happen over night. It takes work – eating wholesome, real food,  moving your body.  I have a new training plan that I am loving. It is challenging my body in new ways.  And I have started the Couch to 5K program again – so I am moving more.

But my eating habits still stink.  I thought about how I could change it and I realized…I need accountability.  So starting Monday, I am going to be posting everything I eat.  Some of you might find this boring – I will try to keep it interesting.  My though is if I have to post a picture of that Snickers bar I eat at 3:00 p.m., I am more likely to say no.

Moreover, I am hopefully that you my readers, will hold me accountable for my choices.  Will you?

Have you ever blogged about everything you eat in a day?  How important is accountability for you on your health journey?

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