Best Body Bootcamp

I do not think I’ve ever been more excited for a Monday than I am this morning. Today marks the official launch of the Best Body Bootcamp hosted by the lovely  Tina Reale.

What is Best Body Bootcamp?

BBB is an 8 week program created by Tina.  Every two weeks, Tina releases a series of new workouts that will challenge participants in new and exciting ways.  There are chances for winning some fab prizes – including weekly $50 prizes and 4 $1,000 prizes.

How does this fit with my current plan?

I am already using a training plan created by Tina, so many are probably wondering how I am going to incorporate it into the BBB.  The first series of workouts for BBC consist of 3 weight lifting routines, an interval workout, a core workout, and 1 day of steady state cardio.  For the first 2 weight workouts of each week, I am going to use the routines from my personalized training plan. My third lifting session will be from the BBC challenge.  

So here is how my training looks this week:

Monday:  Workout A (from personalized plan) + 20 minute 60/60 HIIT

Tuesday: Intervals + Core

Wednesday: Workout B (from personalized plan) + Couch to 5k workout

Thursday: Intervals + Core

Friday:  Workout C (from BBB plan)

Saturday:  Couch to 5k Workout

Are any of your participating in the Best Body Bootcamp?  Have you been a participate in the past?  What is your training plan for the week?


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