Toning Tuesday: Working Out as A Couple

Fitness has always been a part of my relationship with my husband, Micheal. When we were dating, we trained for and completed our first 5K together.

At the two mile point, we were all smiles.

During our engagement and the craze of wedding planning, workouts became a way we could escape from the stress and reconnect with one another.  We often planned date nights around runs or lifting session at the gym.  We would even challenge each other to complete sit-ups, pushups, or air squats while watching television.

But then life happened.  We become parents to an amazing little girl who we named Joyclen, known as Joycie for short.


All smiles as a family of 3.

Suddenly, all the time we had to devote to our workouts was now being devoted to caring for this little girl.  And while we loved being her parents, I often missed our time together.  Realizing that we needed to find a solution that allowed us to workout together without leaving our daughter with a babysitter, we began creating our perfect home gym.

Over the next two years, we added a treadmill, a set of adjustable dumbbells, a bench, resistance tubes, and a few other odds & ends.  Now, we have everything we need to get a great workout right at home.  Not only do we get to workout together but our daughter (who is now 2) loves to join us.

 I thought I would end this post by sharing one of my favorite routines to do with my husband.  This workout can be done anywhere.



Do you workout with your significant other?  If so, what things do you do together?

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