Marvelous in My Monday

It’s Monday – a day with a reputation of being a bad, horrible, terrible,  not so good day.  And since it is the day after my mini-vacation, it would be easy to give into those thoughts and be bummed this morning. But thanks to Healthy Diva Eats, I am focusing on the things that make this Monday Marvelous!

First, there is the fact that I got to spend a few glorious days at the beach with my husband and daughter. We soaked up the sun, played in the waves, built sand castles, and just enjoyed being with each other.

Dear Daughter jumping in the wave pools.

Me taking a turn at snapping a jumping photo!

The second thing that makes this Monday Marvelous is the fact I have my breakfast, lunches and snacks prepped for the entire week. Yesterday, the hubby had to attend a funeral, so while my daughter played in her toy kitchen, I was busy in my real one. I whipped up chicken quinoa veggie bowls, berry parfait, and a huge salad.  Having my meals ready for the week, means my mornings will go much smoother.

So that’s why my Monday is Marvelous? What made your Monday marvelous?

One thought on “Marvelous in My Monday

  1. If you ever feel like Monday is taking over today you should look at that picture of yourself and think “damn, I’m in a bikini and I’m skinny, life is awesome”. It looks like you guys had a great time! My Monday was marvelous because I ONLY left work 30 min late which for me is basically on time!

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