Best Body BootCamp: Phase One Thoughts

Last night, Tina sent out the Phase Two workouts for Best Body Bootcamp. I figured now was a good time to share my thoughts regarding Phase One.

I signed up for the Best Body Bootcamp with the intention of using it as extra motivation to tone up and slim down for FitBloggin 2012.  I had read the comments from previous participants and was impressed by their results. However, when  Tina sent the workouts to me prior to the start, I remember thinking “These seems easy enough. I am not sure I am going to be challenged”.  HA!  The first two weeks are structured with 3 weight workouts (combined with cardio) and 2 interval & core workouts.  The first workout left my arms so sore that lifting them was troublesome, and the leg workout made walking difficult.  I was hooked!

Here is how I broke down the Phase One Workouts:

Monday: Workout A and 20 min HIIT – I did the workout and followed it up with a HIIT workout of 60 second sprints (7.0 mph)/ 60 seconds of walking.

Tuesday: Workout B and 20 min steady state cardio – My steady state cardio was a Couch to 5K workout.

Wednesday: Intervals and Core:  See this post for my interval workout.

Thursday: Workout C and 20 min steady state cardio – Another Couch to 5k workout was my cardio for the day.

Friday: Intervals and Core:  I repeated the treadmill workout from Wednesday.

Saturday: A much-needed rest day – aside from walking the beach.

Sunday: Tabata Inferno workout from the Supreme 90 Day DVD collection.

The scale shows a small weight loss (which I think would be higher if it wasn’t that time of the month) and my clothes are fitting looser.  The weight workouts are also showing me my areas of weakness (legs are strong when doing exercises that use both legs, but single leg exercises show my left leg is weaker than my right. Double bonus! I am eager to see how my body respond to the 6 weeks that lie ahead.

If you are participating in the #BestBodyBootcamp, what did you think about Phase One? What did you do for HIIT, intervals, or steady state cardio?


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