Asking Questions to Find Answers

My college roommate used to describe it as “Kim’s itch”. She likened it to a tiger pacing back and forth in a cage. The tiger knows that there is life beyond the bars and he just has to figure out how to make his escape.

Lately, I have felt unsettled, nervous, as though I am waiting….on something…something big.  I’ve had this feeling before – numerous times actually. It is the feeling I always got when I decided to  make a BIG life change.

  • When I decided to turn down a scholarship to law school to pursue a Master’s degree instead  The night before I sent my letter to the school politely declining the scholarship, I cleaned my entire apartment – from crown molding to baseboard.
  • When I moved back to my small, rural hometown – I organized my closet, then my pantry, and then my roommate’s closet.
  • When I changed careers on whim – I walked around for weeks with the sensation of butterflies in my stomach and a nervous energy so high my skin literally tingled.

So the “itch” is back. But unlike all the times before, where I had some inkling of what the change was going to be, this time I have no clue what I want to change or what needs to change.

Then I found this post on Krissie’s blog.  It is based on a post on the Luluemon from 2009. Inspired by her attempt to write the questions, I am following Krissie’s lead in the hopes that these questions will give me clarity and answers on the changes I want to make.

Lulu Question 1: What 8 things do you value most in life?

Grab a piece of paper and jot down your answers. Don’t overanalyze, don’t even think, just write. Here is my piece of paper:

 What would yours say?

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