Sorting Thru the Guidelines – Approach with Caution

     When I first started my journey to a healthier me in 2007, I dutifully followed the guidelines for nutrition provided by the USDA. Then I began to read article after article about how lobbying groups were influencing those guidelines.  So I stopped, and went in search of other guidelines to follow.  I found the American Dietetic Association’s guidelines.  And once again I followed them dutifully for awhile.  Then I began participating in the 101 Days of Blogging hosted by Sarah and read day 30.

“The American Dietetic Association is sponsored by processed-food corporations and staffed by former food-company execs. Their pro-processed-food advice is often colored by that, and their calorie-counting obsessions are profoundly counterproductive.”

As soon as I read those words, I wanted to stop following all of their guidelines and find someone else’s guidelines.  Then it hit me,  no set of guidelines are perfect – they are all flawed and I have to find what works best for me.  That means reading thru the reports, the recommendations, the guidelines with a critical eye and questioning mind.  Then I test out the guidelines, see how my body responds, and move forward from that point.   Now when friends/family ask me what “diet” they should follow to get health, I tell them the diet that your body responds to.

What are your opinions on the various food guidelines available?  Do you follow a diet? 

2 thoughts on “Sorting Thru the Guidelines – Approach with Caution

    • Kelly, you make a valid point. I really detest the word diet – as it has so many negative implications. I like to think of it as finding a balanced way of eating that makes your body the happiest. For me that might mean higher protein that someone else, for some that’s not dairy, etc. Each person is unique.

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