High Five Friday

It is Friday!  And while I would normally be posting another installment of “Triple F”,  I decided to shake things up this week and create a High Five Friday post!

What is High Five Friday?  It is a weekly link up hosted by the beautiful and talented Meg at A Dash of Meg.  The purpose to recognize and applaud our personal achievements each week.  I have sent in a few submissions to Meg’s post, but I thought it would be fun to share a few more over here at my corner of the blogosphere.


Here is what I am High Fiving myself for this week:

1. Saying no to Pizza – Now while I always advocate balance in eating and would never tell anyone to deny themselves, pizza is the one food that I truly struggle to eat in moderation. I think it is linked back to the fact that during my ED days, I binged on pizza quite a bit. Needless to say, when I joined a co-worker for lunch at a local Pizza joint, I was nervous.  But I kicked off my meal with a big salad and then enjoyed 2 thin-crust slices.  That’s it!  When she asked if I wanted more, I said no – and I meant it!

2. Recognizing that my “bad mood” was more than a “bad mood” –  For weeks now, I have battled severe fatigue. I have also become extremely short-tempered, had a lack of desire to do the things I normally love to do, and have found myself crying in the bathroom at work far too frequently.  I tried to tell myself that it was just stress, or PMS, or hormones.  But this week, I realized that I was not getting in better on my own.  So I talked to my doctor. Together, we realized that I am battling mild depression, and I have started taking Pristiq – an anti-depressant.  I have already noticed an improvement in my mood and in how I feel!

3. Realizing that not all workouts have to be SUPER HIGH Intensity –  I have mentioned before that I am participating in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I am loving the workouts and have been doing them a pretty high level of intensity.  However, last night I was tired and my knees felt a little sore. I considered scrapping the interval workout because I knew I wouldn’t be able to “run”. Instead, I jumped on my treadmill and did walking intervals. Guess what?  I still worked up a great sweat! 

Those are my high fives….what are yours?  Check out Meg’s page for more high five fun!


3 thoughts on “High Five Friday

  1. I found your blog through shereadstruth & glad I did! Love this post! I always have to remind myself about your #3!!
    I browsed through some older posts too & enjoyed seeing pics of your meals, there’s a salad that caught my eye that I am going to make soon! (romaine, corn, black beans etc)

    Nice to meet you!

  2. I am so proud of you Kim 🙂 Thank you so much for giving yourself more high fives! These are all incredible xoxo

    I love your support with hff thank you

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