Coming out of the Fog: Living with Depression

 My blog has been quiet for two weeks. I took that time to step away from all the various social media outlets. My mental and emotional health were at a crossroads, and I needed to step back to gain perspective.

 For several months, I have been experiencing a myriad of strange and cumbersome symptoms.

  • Extreme fatigue and a desire to sleep ALL THE TIME!
  • A huge increase in appetite and a major weight gain in spite of increased workouts.
  • Intense emotional reactions to stress
  • Increased sensitivity (think crying at commercials)
  • A feeling of being weighed down, paralyzed, or leaden

 The breaking point came when I locked myself in the office bathroom to cry. I realized that I was not behaving in a normal manner and that my attempts to handle things on my own were NOT working.  I realized that it was time to share my secret with the world. I suffer from atypical depression.

 I was first diagnosed with atypical depression during my treatment for bulimia. Atypical depression is the most common form of depression – marked by the symptoms above – but improves when a person experiences positive life changes.  For me, I have always been able to use exercise to manage my depression. .  However, over the last 6 months, things have gotten worse. I finally realized that I was not fully living life – rather I was going thru the motions.  So I talked to my doctor and we began medication therapy.  Four weeks in and I am starting to notice improvements – I finally feel like me again.

In addition to the medication, I make a few other changes that I believe will support my continued improvement. The biggest of these is a career change. While I love the company that I currently work for, the job that I am doing is not something I am extremely passionate about.  So I am leaving on September 19th, and will begin a new job on October 1st.   I can not begin to express the relief that this change brings me!

Now that my personal life seems to be more in control, I am going to start blogging, Face booking, and tweeting again! I have missed the community that I had built.   I am eager to get back to blogging about my workouts, sharing my meals with you, and fostering the relationships that I have built.

In the mean time, catch  me up.  What have I missed in your life?

3 thoughts on “Coming out of the Fog: Living with Depression

  1. As someone who also has to swim upstream against depression, I’m glad things are getting better for you. Yay for meds that help, and super yay for work changes! Excited to see you back blogging and tweeting – I have missed you 🙂

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