Triple F Friday #2: More Photos, Less Words

Another lovely Friday here which means another installment of Triple F Friday!  Triple F Friday is a series I started last week to highlight my favorite food, family, and fitness moments of the week.  Last week’s post was pretty verbose, so this week I am going to keep it shorter – use more pics and fewer words.


You must try this pumpkin pancakes. It is almost like having dessert for breakfast.

Repinned from Modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Meg P. W.


Cuddles and cute pictures with my favorite two year old!


My running/aerobics group after I led us in 20 mins of HIIT followed by 40 mins of a weights circuit. Drenched in sweat & tired but still smiling!


What were your favorite food, family or fitness moments of the week?


Asking Questions to Find Answers

My college roommate used to describe it as “Kim’s itch”. She likened it to a tiger pacing back and forth in a cage. The tiger knows that there is life beyond the bars and he just has to figure out how to make his escape.

Lately, I have felt unsettled, nervous, as though I am waiting….on something…something big.  I’ve had this feeling before – numerous times actually. It is the feeling I always got when I decided to  make a BIG life change.

  • When I decided to turn down a scholarship to law school to pursue a Master’s degree instead  The night before I sent my letter to the school politely declining the scholarship, I cleaned my entire apartment – from crown molding to baseboard.
  • When I moved back to my small, rural hometown – I organized my closet, then my pantry, and then my roommate’s closet.
  • When I changed careers on whim – I walked around for weeks with the sensation of butterflies in my stomach and a nervous energy so high my skin literally tingled.

So the “itch” is back. But unlike all the times before, where I had some inkling of what the change was going to be, this time I have no clue what I want to change or what needs to change.

Then I found this post on Krissie’s blog.  It is based on a post on the Luluemon from 2009. Inspired by her attempt to write the questions, I am following Krissie’s lead in the hopes that these questions will give me clarity and answers on the changes I want to make.

Lulu Question 1: What 8 things do you value most in life?

Grab a piece of paper and jot down your answers. Don’t overanalyze, don’t even think, just write. Here is my piece of paper:

 What would yours say?

Best Body BootCamp: Phase One Thoughts

Last night, Tina sent out the Phase Two workouts for Best Body Bootcamp. I figured now was a good time to share my thoughts regarding Phase One.

I signed up for the Best Body Bootcamp with the intention of using it as extra motivation to tone up and slim down for FitBloggin 2012.  I had read the comments from previous participants and was impressed by their results. However, when  Tina sent the workouts to me prior to the start, I remember thinking “These seems easy enough. I am not sure I am going to be challenged”.  HA!  The first two weeks are structured with 3 weight workouts (combined with cardio) and 2 interval & core workouts.  The first workout left my arms so sore that lifting them was troublesome, and the leg workout made walking difficult.  I was hooked!

Here is how I broke down the Phase One Workouts:

Monday: Workout A and 20 min HIIT – I did the workout and followed it up with a HIIT workout of 60 second sprints (7.0 mph)/ 60 seconds of walking.

Tuesday: Workout B and 20 min steady state cardio – My steady state cardio was a Couch to 5K workout.

Wednesday: Intervals and Core:  See this post for my interval workout.

Thursday: Workout C and 20 min steady state cardio – Another Couch to 5k workout was my cardio for the day.

Friday: Intervals and Core:  I repeated the treadmill workout from Wednesday.

Saturday: A much-needed rest day – aside from walking the beach.

Sunday: Tabata Inferno workout from the Supreme 90 Day DVD collection.

The scale shows a small weight loss (which I think would be higher if it wasn’t that time of the month) and my clothes are fitting looser.  The weight workouts are also showing me my areas of weakness (legs are strong when doing exercises that use both legs, but single leg exercises show my left leg is weaker than my right. Double bonus! I am eager to see how my body respond to the 6 weeks that lie ahead.

If you are participating in the #BestBodyBootcamp, what did you think about Phase One? What did you do for HIIT, intervals, or steady state cardio?

WIAW: Experimenting in the Kitchen

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Wednesday wherever you might be.  Around this blog, Wednesdays mean it is time for another edition of WIAW, hosted by the wonderful Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  Each month Jenn has a different theme for the WIAW posts. This month, the theme is Sumer Staples.

But before I dive in to my list of summer staples, let’s talk about the delicious food that I have been eating lately.  As you may remember, right now I am following the meal plans from Bob Harper’s book “The Skinny Rules”.  I am loving these meal plans – as they having me eating tons of fruit, veggies, lean protein.  I find myself feeling lighter but satisfied, and my tummy has not been having as many issues as in the past.  So what exactly am I eating? Here is what a typical day looks like





Dinners these days are consisting of salads with lots of fresh veggies and varying protein – chicken breast, grilled steak, tuna, or other fish. 

Summer Staples

When I hear the words “summer staples”, my mind does not immediately think of food – instead it thinks about the various things that I keep in my purse/bag during the summer months. These items help to combat the heat, humidity, and make summer a little more bearable. So what I am carrying around this summer:  A small bottle of SPF 70 to help keep my fair skin from burning,  chapstick with SPF as my lips take a beating in the summer sun,  a small misting fan to keep me cool and dry when outside for long periods of time, a small pack of baby wipes and small bottle of baby powder which helps me to easily clean off the sand/sweat/etc after a day at the beach.

What have you been eating this week? What are your summer staples – food or otherwise?