Battle with a Stomach Virus

I hope this post finds everyone healthy, doing well, and enjoying a lovely Wednesday morning (or evening depending on location).  I apologize for my absence from the blogosphere over the weekend – part of it was planned and part was not.  For the first time in several weekends, my husband did not have to work either at this fulltime job or on the family farm, so we made plans to spend the entire weekend (plus the Labor day Holiday together).  I wanted to be fully present in the moment, so aside from a few instant gram pics, I avoided all social media.

Friday night we hit the local high school football game where we watched the two teams battle it out – our alma mater wound up losing by a touchdown in the 4th quarter – but it was a fun night. Saturday was spent on the lake – jet skiing, tubing, and celebrating our oldest nieces 8th birthday.  On Sunday, we had our usual routine of church, lunch with my parents, evening services at church, and dinner with his parents.  Labor Day saw us sleeping in until 8:30, the lounging around in our pj’s until well after lunch, we did a little shopping, and then came home so that I could meet with my running group.

My running group was scheduled to start Week 4 of the Couch to 5K plan on Monday. However, when I arrived at the meet-up spot, a light rain had begun to fall and we seriously considered bagging the run.  After about 20 mins of back and forth, we all decided that a little rain never hurt anyone and that we would go for the run.   I am so glad that we did.  The gentle rain kept us cool and we were able to really pick up the pace on our run segments. We covered 2 miles in 25 minutes, which I realize is not going to win any speed records, but is pretty dang fast for us.

Following the run, the hubby, daughter and I headed to my sister-in-law’s for supper.  This is where my evening started to go downhill.  Shortly after finishing the meal, my hubby began complaining of feeling sick to his stomach. Then 30 minutes later, I began to feel queasy as well.  By 10:00 p.m., he and I were both sick. My wonderful mother-in-law brought us medicine for nausea and took our daughter home with her.  Hubby began to feel better around midnight. I, however, was sick until 8:00 a.m. – even passing out on the hubby/MIL due to dehydration.

I spent nearly all of Tuesday in bed, alternating between naps and sipping my miracle elixir….

Tuesday evening came and I started to feel a little more human. I was able to keep down some toast and a few bites of macaroni and cheese.  Physically speaking, my body feels as though it has been thru a brutal workout.  My back, abs, and hips are sore.  My stomach no longer feels queasy but is still tender and can only handle a little food at a time.

I plan on returning to work today.  But I will not be resuming my regular workout schedule until later this week.  Instead, I am going to rest.  A few years ago, the thought of resting would have driven me crazy.  I would have headed straight back to the gym – which would have made me sick again.  Now, I realize that it is important to give my body time to truly heal – otherwise I am doing it more harm than good. I am planning on a little light cardio tomorrow if I continue to feel well, and returning to my regular workouts next week.

 Have you ever battled a stomach bug?  After being sick, how do you ease back into your workouts?


3 thoughts on “Battle with a Stomach Virus

  1. As a runner…I always start back in with a very low mileage run to test the waters. The first mile is guaranteed to suck, mile two usually feels better, the third mile is usually my planned distance, but I almost always end up finishing off four. At that point I usually feel like I am back to normal. But the day after my test the waters day I take off just to make sure I am completely better before resuming normal activity the 3rd day. Recovery is a mind and body thing. You need to find your balance. My test the water run checks my body and lets my mind think that the subsequent day off is okay because I ran yesterday. And it still works even though I know what I am doing! Thanks for Tweeting about your post with #FitnessBlogClub!

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