High Five Friday #2

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!  Only 8 hours of work stand between me and a fabulous weekend!  Do you have exciting plans for the weekend?  My plans include a 5k run on Saturday morning, then a trip to the vibrant city of Atlanta with my husband to watch college football at my alma mater Georgia Tech. But before, I can enjoy the weekend, I have to celebrate High Five Friday.

This week I have a few things to brag/celebrate:

1. I alluded to it earlier this week. But I am pretty proud of my running group for running 2 miles in a rainstorm. We could have chosen to make excuses and bag the run, but decided that a little water wouldn’t kill us – and ran anyway. The run turned out to be one of our fastest to date!

2. I am learning to embrace the moment and not stress. Last night, I hosted a 31 Party at my house. In years past, the thought of hosting a party would have sent me into a tailspin. I would have spent weeks before cleaning my house to to bottom – going so far as to scrub the baseboards (who pays attention to those anyway?), and the agonizing over what to feed my guests. This time, I opted to order subs from a local sub shop, added in some pita chips, and homemade brownies as sides. I was able to actually ENJOY the party – and spend quality time with my guests.

So those, are my celebrations this week… what about you?  Be sure to check out Meg’s page for more High Fives!


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