MIMM: 9/10/12

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! The hubby and I enjoyed a fun overnight getaway to Atlanta. We shopped, watched football, ate delicious food, and enjoyed time as just a husband and wife rather than Mommy and Daddy. However, we were more than ready to get home yesterday afternoon so we could smother our little girl in hugs and kisses. Then it was time to unpack, wash laundry, pack lunches, and prepare for the week ahead.  And now it’s Monday again, which means….time for a Marvelous in My Monday Post!


This Monday is Marvelous because it is the start of FitMixer Bootcamp! Earlier this summer, I kept seeing posts, tweets, and Facebook status updates regarding the amazing FitMixer Bootcamp. I was intrigued as I read about the awesome work, amazing nutrition plan, and wonderful support from the FitMixer family.  After seeing the results that many of the participants had, I decided that I would sign up for the next round of bootcamp.  And I did!

Today kicks off the 8 weeks of bootcamp! I am super excited. I have already packed my meals for the day, and as soon as I publish post, I will heading out for my workout of the day.  🙂

What is making your Monday so Marvelous?

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