Happy Birthday Micheal

Today my husband, Micheal turns 33. I have always been a believer in making a big deal out of birthdays. After all, it is the one day a year that you can make all about you. I really love doing fun things for Micheal on his birthday. When he turned 30 – I gave him a present each day of the week leading up to his special day, and then threw him not 1 but 2 suprises parties. When he turned 31, I organized a birthday scavenger hunt for him. And last year, to mark his 32nd birthday – I sent him e-mails throughout the day detailing 32 things I love about him.  So what am I doing for him this year…..

I am making him drive me 12 hour to Baltimore so that I can attend FitBloggin 2012. Okay, so I am not making him drive me. When I got offered the FitBloggin Assistantship, he volunteered to take me so that I a) wouldn’t have to fly (not a big fan of flying) or b) drive myself. Then he volunteered to babysit while I was at the conference, so that we could bring our daughter with us – since I was having serious Mama guilt on leaving her for several day. Isn’t he the greatest?

And a guy as great as that deserves to be celebrated.  So here are my birthday wishes for my amazing husband:


I could (and probably will) buy a cheesey card that tells you how much I love you and wishes you a Happy Birthday. But you deserve more than cookie cutter sentiments – you deserve to hear my words, what my heart feels for you. 

First and most importantly, I love you!  You are my safe place, my rock, my best friend. You make me believe in me even when I have trouble believing in myself. You love me when I grumpy, when I am moody, even when I am down right mean. Your love is the constant in my world and a source of strength for me when times are hard.

Not only do you love me – you love our little girl.  Micheal, you are an amzing father – always putting Joycie before yourself. I fall in love with you all over when I watch you hold her as she drifts off to sleep, as read to her, play with her, or simple snuggle with her as you watch cartoons.  Joycie know without a doubt that her Daddy loves her – and as a result can be secure in who she is and the world around her.

You make your family a priority. Whether it’s getting up early on a Saturday to help your Daddy on the farm, keeping your brother company while he tinkers on a family project, or babysitting our nieces/nephews you’ve always been willing to pitch in.  Additonaly, you have accepted my family and all of their crazy antics. You love my parents, sister, and nephews & nieces jsut as you love your own.

There is not Hallmark card that could tell you how much you mean to me. I could go on and on babe. But I will simply say (again) “I love you! And Happy Birthday!”

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