FitBloggin 2012: Friday – Crossfit, Chocolate Milk, & Branding My Blog

Friday morning got started bright an early with a 5:30 a.m. wake up call. I had grand plans to head downstairs for an EARLY morning yoga session. Then I decided to lay down for just five more minutes.  Then next thing I know I’m waking up to see that it is 7:15 – and I have only 45 minutes to grab a bite of breakfast before the Cross Fit class. 

I threw on my workout clothes – the nifty new tank and shoes that Reebok provided and headed down stairs. During the delicious breakfast provided by Weight Watchers Cheese, I enjoyed a warm quinoa breakfast dish and got to meet the uber cool Stephanie from Live Like a Grrl.  We chatted for a free minutes and then it was time for CrossFit.

Jared Davis – the trainer at Crossfit One – along with a free local Crossfit coaches certainly put the Fitbloggin attendees thru a serious workout. For the first half of the workout, we were taught what crossfit was, the purpose behind it, and the proper way to perform air squats, pushups, and burpees.  Then Jared got us started on the Workout of the Day (WOD). The WOD was a partner workout that went like this:

  • Squats
  • Sit Ups
  • Burpees/Push ups x2

1 minute work, 1 minute rest-2 rounds

For the WOD, I was paired with the inspiring Janet Oberholtzer.  Janet told me a bit of her story before we got her sweat on – and was super encouraging when I felt my energy start to wane. Although the WOD was only 12 minutes long – 6 of which were rest – I was a sweaty, shaky mess at the end. I would be feeling the air squats in my legs for the remainder of the weekend.

After Crossfit, I headed to a session titled “Refuel with Chocolate Milk”. This session was led by Nancy Clark an internationally known nutritionist and author based in Boston and Monica the blogger behind  Run Eat Repeat. Nancy and Monica took the participants thru a discussion on the importance of post workout nutrition, the refuel process, and the reasons why chocolate milk is a great choice for a refueling beverage. Did you know that 8 ounces of chocolate milk has more electrolytes than Gatorade? I didn’t. I left this session with lots of knowledge and some ice-cold chocolate milk to aid in hand.

My next stop was the Jump Sport booth, where I enjoyed a lovely chat with Jeff about Fit Trampoline and all of it many uses for fitness. I even enjoyed a few minutes of bouncing. Somehow, Jeff managed to convince me to sign up for the Jump Sport class that would be offered on Saturday morning.

Shortly after leaving Jeff, I began to feel the beginnings of a migraine headache. I opted to skip lunch and hung out in my hotel room with the hubby and daughter. I did manage to drag myself downstairs for the session “Get Down to Business: Build Your Brand” with Amy Nowacoski.   Amy took us thru the history of branding, where it started, how it was changed over time, and the impact that social media is having on branding. She then led the group thru a series of exercises that helped us to get a clearer picture of how we want to brand our individual blogs.  Amy’s session got the wheels turning in my head, and before she was done I had a clear-cut vision for what I want Redefining Kim to become! 

I had been uber excited following the Thursday night welcome mixer, but after a full day of sessions, I was beyond excited. And that excitement would be taken to another level on Saturday, when I would cement new friendship and meet a blogger ROCK STAR!


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