FitBloggin 2012 – Saturday – Jump Sport & Good to Know

Saturday morning kicked off with a fantastic JumpSport Fitness Trampoline BounceCamp. The class was led by Jeff Mullen, one of JumpSport Fitness Trampoline’s awesome trainers.  Jeff structured the class in a Tabata style.  The participants were paired off and while 1 partner was on the trampoline, the other was doing a floor exercise.  Jeff had us sweating for nearly 50 minutes, with jumps, jump squats, c-raises, and even a little trampoline dancing.  Jeff kept the energy high and had a great sense of humor that made the time fly by.

Post workout, I grabbed a quick bite of breakfast, and then finally introduced myself to my BLOGGING HERO — MIZFIT!

Carla was the very first health and fitness blog that I ever read. I found her blog just a few weeks before I found out that I was pregnant. I remember marveling at her ability to balance her career, a committment to fitness, and a family.  Once I became a mother, I often referred back to Carla’s posts for advice/motivation and encouragement.

After snapping a quick picture and sharing a few minutes of conversation, I bid Carla farewell and headed up to my hotel room.  A quick shower and outfit change later, Micheal, Joycie and I were headed to D.C. for the day. While I hated missing all of the AMAZING sessions that were on Saturday’s schedule – I needed some quality time with the family. Moreover, visiting D.C. has been on my bucket list for YEARS. We were too close to pass up the chance to see the nation’s capital.

So we drove to the Metro Station, took the subway into D.C., saw the major monuments and memorials, grabbed a late lunch, and made it back to Baltimore in time for the evening reception.

The evening reception was hosted by Unilever Spreads.  Unilever Spreads introduced their “Good to Know Campaign” and the attendees enjoyed a myriad of tasty appetizers prepared with Unilever Spreads. Throughout the night, prizes were given away, and the conversation and drinks flowed freely.

I finally dragged myself away from the fun around 9:00 p.m. I had promised the hubby that we would enjoy one more meal out in the Inner Harbor, and our plans were to hit the road at 7:00 a.m. the next morning.  So imagine my surprise, when the hubby told me to lay out my running clothes when I walked into our room.  He said that he had come to see just how much the Fitbloggin community meant to me – and that he wanted me to run the Fitbloggin 5K on Sunday morning.

So I didn’t argue – I laid out my gear, set my alarm, then headed out to dinner with the hubby and daughter.  We enjoyed a tasty meal at Chipotle, and beautiful walk around the Inner Harbor.  By 10:00 p.m., I was tucked in bed – but wide awake with excitement about the 5K that was to come.

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