FitMixer Bootcamp: Week Three Recap

I am going to change the format of my Fitmixer Bootcamp Weekly Recaps. I think this format will allow me to share my progress, my successes, and my failure in a more concise manner. As always, I welcome you thoughts/feedback.

Weekly Weigh-in:  I am up 2 pounds from last week. However, given that it is that time of the month, I am not too shocked by this number. I am focusing on drinking plenty of fluids and fully expect to see this gain (and a bit more) gone at the beginning of next week.

Favorite Workout of the Week:  The bootcamp workouts keep getting better and better. Each day brings a new challenge and I absolutely love learning the new moves.  This week my favorite workout was titled “Ancient Pyramid”.  The workout consisted of 5 different moves. The first move was for 20 reps, the 2nd for 30, and so on until I reached 60 reps. The the pyramid went in reverse.  Then to add an additional challenge, we were encourage to repeat the pyramid 2 MORE TIMES!  Massive amounts of sweat dripped on my living room floor, and I may have had to call the hubby to come help me reach a standing position.  🙂 

Favorite Meal/Snack of the Week: I am loving the Fitmixer Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder. I  have been using it to make breakfast smoothies – for a quick and portable breakfast.  The powder has a wonderful vanilla flavor without a chalky aftertaste that many protein powders have and no gritty texture!

How was your 3rd week of the Fitmixer Bootcamp? Favorite Workout? Favorite Meal/Snack?

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