Focusing on the Future: Goals for October and Long-Term Goals

Within a few days of the end of Fitbloggin 2012, Amy tweeted “#fitbloggin 2013 is 9 months away. Who is up for some goal setting? What do you want to accomplish in the next 9 months?” I told Amy that her tweet had the wheels turning in my head. Then I got busy unpacking, cleaning my house, preparing to start my new job, and forgot all about sitting down and writing out my goals. Then last week the fab folks at Fitmixer challenged the bootcamp participants to write down goals for ourselves.

Umm…two seperate and distinct reminders/hints/suggestions to WRITE DOWN my goals…. in the span of just a week.

I can be hardheaded but even I realized that someone was giving me a nudge, so I decided to act upon it.  I started my goal making process my writing everything out in a journal that I carry in my purse. It was 9 pages long (I tend to be verbose) which I knew would make for a massive blog post – and likely something nobody would read but me.

So I decided to break my goals up into a few different posts.  First, I will discuss my goals for October as well list my 4 Long-term goals. In the subsequent posts, I will outline the actions I intend to take to complete the 4 Long-term goals.

October Goals 

1. Run 3 times per week with my running group. Focus 1 run on completing an entire 5K route.

2. Try 1 new workout each week – Zumba, Crossfit, GPP, a DVD etc.

3. Lift 2 times per week with my husband or on my own.

4. Drink at least 100 ounces of water each day.

5. Cut back my consumption of Diet Coke to 1 per day.

**Goals 1-2 and 4 will continue from October into the following months unless otherwise stated.

Long Term Goals: Deadline  June 20,2013

1.  Run a 10K Race.

2. Earn my personal training certification

3. Earn (or be in the process of obtaining) my Zumba Instructor certification.

4. Compete in a Figure Competition.

What do you think? Do my goals seem reasonable/attainable? Do you think I’m aiming too low – i.e selling myself short?  What are you goals for October or beyond?


2 thoughts on “Focusing on the Future: Goals for October and Long-Term Goals

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