Figure Competition Training Starts Monday

Early this week, I blogged about the goals that I hoped to achieve in October and beyond. After I pushed publish on that post, I could not get my long-term goals off my mind.  I kept thinking that I had started working towards 3 of those 4 goals – I’m slowly building my running miles, have ordered my personal training materials, and have started doing more Zumba.  But I have taken no steps toward competing in a figure competition.

And truthfully, I have no idea how to go about it.  So what did I do – nothing other than turn to my trusty friend “Google”.  That’s how I found Terry Stokes.  Terry offers a 12-week at home program that is designed to get someone ready to compete.  I read review after review and was BLOWN away by the results – moreover Terry stated that the workouts could be done at home.  But Terry’s program costs $167.00.

Granted that is far cheaper than hiring a personal trainer at my local gym but it was still out of my price range.  I decided to take a gamble and e-mailed Terry to see if we could work out a deal.  I explained to Terry that I was a wife, mama, and a career woman who was looking to get into competition shape. I told him that I was also a health and fitness blogger (side note: still find that hard to believe).  I asked if he would be willing to offer me the program at discount in exchange for me sharing my journey here on the blog.

Then I waited…..

And waited….

And 4 hours later, Terry e-mailed me to tell me that not only would he discount the program, he would give it to me for free. (FCC: While I am getting the program for free, all thoughts/opinions are my own).

I have spent the rest of my week, reading all of the materials, creating my training schedule, making a training notebook, writing out shopping lists, and figuring out when/how to do my food prep. Since Monday is a holiday for my company, I am going to use the day to prep all my meals for the week, and then complete my first workout Monday night.

There are not enough words to describe how excited I am about this. I have been talking about figure competitions for YEARS….and now I am actually moving towards my goal.

I will be back later this weekend to outline the first week of Terry’s plan for me!  But for now, there’s an adorable 3-year-old who wants me to play dress-up with her.


3 thoughts on “Figure Competition Training Starts Monday

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  2. WOW! So excited for you, friend. I’m glad that you put yourself out there by asking for a discount. I think too many of us don’t value our space on the internet as a real marketing too, but it is! WAY TO GO!

    Excited to follow along with you on this journey!

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