Weekly Workouts: 10/8/12 – 10/14/12

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope that everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Mine has been great. The hubby got off from work a bit earlier on Friday, so the three of us stayed up late playing (nothing beats a tea party at 10:00 p.m.), watching movies, and cuddling.  Saturday started with a 2 mile run at the local track as the fog was too heavy to run safely on the roads, followed by a cookout  that lasted late into the evening. Nothing beats grilling and football.

On Friday, I blogged about my new training opportunity.  I did not go into great details about the plan as I figure it would be easier to comment on it when I shared the weekly workout.  The first week of training is fairly straight forward. I have 3 lifting workouts that I will repeat 2 times through-out the week. The lifting workouts are designed to last an hour, but can be shortened to just 30 minutes if your conditioning is not quite up to the 60 minutes.  Additionally, it is suggested to do cardio 4 times a week for 20 minutes, or if you are already doing cardio to add an additional 20 mins 4 times a week.  Since I fall into the latter category, this is how my week is going to look:

Monday: 2. 2 mile run with group, Workout #1

Tuesday: 20 minutes of cardio, Workout #2

Wednesday: 20 minutes of cardio, Workout #3

Thursday: 2.2 mile run with group, Workout #1

Friday: 20 minutes of Cardio, Workout #2

Saturday: 5k Run with group

Sunday: 20 minutes of cardio, Workout #3

Looking at the plan, I realize that I do not have a defined rest day.  I thought about adding the second round of Workout #3 to my Saturday – but I have family portraits that afternoon and need the extra time to get myself, the hubby, and our daughter ready.  During week two, I will shift things around so that I have a solid rest day at least once per week.  Moreover, the 20 minutes of cardio that I am doing 4 days per week will NOT be running – so that I can reduce my risk of an overuse injury. I am planning on using those 20 minutes for things like Zumba, traditional aerobics, and some trampoline workouts.  My new company allows employees to use 30 minutes of our work day for health and fitness activity, so I can either use that time for my additional cardio or half of a lifting workout! 

I am eager to see how this first week of training goes as well as the week’s to come.  For now,  I am off to finish prepping my meals for the week (more on this tomorrow).

What does your workout schedule look like this week? Anybody starting a new training plan?  Got a great 20 cardio workout you want to send my way?


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