Working My Plan

I have been quiet here on the blog for most of the week. Typically when health and fitness bloggers go silent, it means one of two things:  1. they have fallen off the wagon so to speak (skipping workouts, eating junk, etc.) or 2. they have gained some weight and do not want to address it on the blog.

Thankfully neither is the case with me. Instead, my silence has been due to a jammed packed schedule.  Like I mentioned last week, I’ve started a new job and I am still trying to feel out my new schedule.  While my core work hours are the same (8 to 5), I now have to factor in commute time, extra time to daycare to pick up my daughter, etc.  Needing to rise early has pretty much eliminated blogger in the morning – unless I blog right before walking out my door as I am doing now.  And in the evenings, I have to workout, prepare dinner, wash clothes, take of my daughter, and do other household chores….which means by the time I can blog, I just don’t want to. So bear with me, I hope to be back on a regular, more frequent posting schedule soon.

In other news, my first week of figure competition training is going GREAT!  The workouts are extremely challenging but the hour flies by and at the end I feel accomplished.  The nutritional component of the plan did scare me a first – eating 5 meals a day, higher protein and carb counts that I am used to consuming, very structured. But I committed. And after 3 days, I am in love with this way of eating. 

The nutritional plan allows me 2 cheat meals each week. A cheat meal  is supposed to be something that still provides nutritional value but that is not normally included in the plan (i.e. a nice steak, a slice of pizza – not a whole pizza washed down with a milkshake.)

 My brother and sister-in-law invited us to dinner last night, so I opted to use a cheat meal then.  My sister-in-law had prepared mini French dip sandwiches. I had 2 – each with about 3 ounces of roast, a slice of pepperjack cheese, and tipped in 2 tablespoons of the a jus sauce.  While the meal was delish, my stomach felt full and border line sick afterwards. It seems that my body is already preferring my new way of eating.

Well, off to work I go. Have a great day everyone!

Do you have “cheat meals” as part of your healthy eating? How are you workouts going this week? If you are a blogger, how do you make time for blogger when live gets busy?


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