Week in Review

Note: This post is quite wordy so bear with me!

Week 1 of my figure competition training has come to a close. And I have to say that is was probably one of the most challenging weeks I have experienced in quite some time.   Adjusting my eating habits and training style while attempting to juggle work, caring for my daughter, church activities, and housework left me feeling tired and slightly grumpy.  But I knew going into this that there would be an adjustment period, and times where I felt overwhelmed. However, I reminded myself the goal that I am working towards, and pushed thru.

So let’s talk about my triumphs and challenges this week.

Meals and Nutrition

Terry’s nutrition plan had me consuming 1600 calories per day that were spread over 5 meals. In terms of macronutrients, that broke down to 41% protein, 42 % carbs, and 17% fat.  Two days into the week, I found myself seriously struggling to eat all 1600 calories.  1600 calories may seem low like a low number, but  when the source of those calories is lean protein, vegetables, protein shakes, and either sweet potatoes or brown rice – it is a high volume of food.  I e-mailed Terry with dilemma and he advised me lower my calories to 1500.  The small switch made it easier to get in all of the food that I needed to consume.

I’d like to tell you that I ate according to plan every single day but I’d be lying.  There was a cheat meal with my family on Wednesday night, an off-plan lunch with co-workers on Thursday, and a family reunion on Saturday.  At each of these occurrences, I ate food that was not on plan and that truthfully, I really did not enjoy. Instead, I left the meals with that overstuff, sick feeling in my stomach.  It would that my body really does prefer clean eating.  I realized that I have to work and being comfortable enough to tell people what I’m doing, why I will not eat off-plan foods, and then prepare to bring my own meals to functions or events.


Last Sunday, I posted my training plan for the week. It looked like this:

  • Monday: 2. 2 mile run with group, Workout #1
  • Tuesday: 20 minutes of cardio, Workout #2
  • Wednesday: 20 minutes of cardio, Workout #3
  • Thursday: 2.2 mile run with group, Workout #1
  • Friday: 20 minutes of Cardio, Workout #2
  • Saturday: 5k Run with group
  • Sunday: 20 minutes of cardio, Workout #3

Monday was a holiday for me, so after running errands in the morning, I came home with intention of completing the entire first workout.  However, the first part of the workout kicked my butt, picked it up off the floor, and kicked it a second time.  I had worked so hard that I actually thought I would be sick – thankfully I wasn’t.  As I laid on the floor of my home gym, I was certain that my training plan was overly ambitious at best.  I spent some time foam rolling and stretching and was able to do my run on Monday night.

Tuesday’s workout seemed a tiny bit easier and I was able to complete the entire workout. This may be due to the fact that I worked out with a friend – and since I did not want her to think I was a wimp, we did the whole thing.

Wednesday brought MAJOR muscle soreness. I spent most of the day shuffling around the office as though I was 80 years old, and let’s not even talk about the stairs in my building. *Shudder*  I opted to take a rest day Wednesday night.

Thursday saw me complete my run and Part 1 of Workout #3.  I did not do part #2 due to time constraints. It was late when I got started, and since I was solo parenting for the evening, I needed to get Joycie bathed and ready for bed.

Friday was another rest day.

I ran with my group on Saturday morning.  However, due to time constraints the run was only 2.2 miles instead of the normal 3.1.

That bring us to today, Sunday.  What will I be doing today?  After talking with Terry, I have decided to start on Week 2’s training plan rather than squeeze in another Week 1 workout.  I’ll share my training plan for the week later today.  For now, I am off to church and then lunch with my family.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Sunday morning!



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