Day 4: #NHBPM: It’s in the Bag

Day 4 of the National Health Blog Post Month Challenge: Sunday, November 4.

Prompt(s):  Disclosure post. How did you decide what to share? What do/don’t you share? or Write about what’s in your bag / purse / backpack every day.

I made the assumption that those slashes symbolize the word “or” but for me the word should be “and”.  Each day, when I walk out of my door, I leave with 3 bags – a purse, a work bag, and my gym bag.  My  husband jokingly refers to me as the “bag lady” and I often feel like a pack mule lugging so many bags, but each of them carries specific items that I need for the various aspects of my life.  Here’s what I mean:

My purse – a small, compact bag that carries of the essentials that I need whether going to work, shopping, or being a super Mommy!

My purse essentials – A notepad and pen that I use to jot down grocery lists, blog post ideas, and other notes.  My wallet complete with license, debit card, and those nifty little deal cards that I get at the stores I frequent. The small silver bag houses a compact and lipstick – the 2 makeup items I always leave the house wearing.

This bag was my gift to myself to celebrate my new job! I had never owned a real leather bag before this one. I love that it is big enough to hold various work files, but does not feel bulky. It has also been known to double as a school bag for my daughter.

The work bag is sometimes filled to the brim and other times it is fairly empty. But these three items ( a legal pad & pen, my planner, and file folder) reside in it each day.

The last bag that I carry is my gym bag! I pack it each night so that I have no excuse not to make my workouts!

The gym bag is packed with sneakers, at least 2 workout outfits, a few pairs of socks, my mp3 player, spare earphones, weight lifting gloves and a protein bar or two.

What about you – do you carry a purse, a briefcase, bookbag, a gym bag?  What essentials do you keep in your bag(s)?



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