Day5: #NHBPM: Giving Thanks

Day 5 of the National Health Blog Post Month Challenge: Monday, November 5.

Prompt(s): Health Activist Soapbox or Write a #Listof3 things that you are thankful for/excited about/inspired by.

As the American Thanksgiving looms on the horizon, I find my thoughts turning to all of the things that I often take for gratitude but that I am extremely thankful. While my life is far from perfect, it is a blessed one. Today I pause to give thanks for the 3 most important things in my life.

1.  Family– I was lucky enough to be born to 2 parents who waited, prayed, and patiently hoped for my birth for nearly 7.5 years. They have spent each moment of my life making sure that I knew that I was loved, cherished, and longed for. My Daddy has been my “coach” – pushing me to give 100% effort at everything I did whether that was playing sports, studying for a test, or just living life. My Mama has always been my biggest fan. She was always the loudest voice cheering for me at my ball games, acted as though I’d won an Academy Award when I was picked for the school play. I have a little sister who I have fought with tooth and nail but who is always there when I need a helping hand.  Then I have been blessed to leave the amazing family I was born into and start my own family.  My husband first and foremost, loves the Lord with all of His heart. He leads our family in our faith and lives out his beliefs on a daily basis. Mikey loves his family – he is truly my best friend, my biggest supporter, the voice of reason when I get a bit crazed, the one who knows how to make me laugh and when to let me cry. When I see myself thru his eyes, I feel as though I can do anything. And lastly but not least, Mikey is an AMAZING daddy. He showers Joycie with love and attention on a daily basis. And Joycie is my unplanned, unexpected miracle.  She is full of joy, embraces life to the fullest, laughs each day, sees the good in everyone, and daily teaches her Daddy and I how to be better people.

2. Health:   I use to think that illness, disease, and injury where things reserved for the “older” population. My life had been unaffected by it, so I would feel bad for those were sick but my thought did not ling long on it.  Then I spent 5 years fighting a horrific eating disorder and I began to realize that good health is a blessing. I think of my friend Robbie who is struggling with a serious back/neck injury. She longs to live in good health – and she can’t.  So each day that I wake up healthy with ability to do those activities that I enjoy, I give thanks.

3. Community: Life is hard!  And there are days that you need someone to vent to – someone who is sharing the journey with you. I am thankful that I have friends both in-real-life and in the blogsphere who are willing to share in this journey with me.  After years of feeling like an outsider, an island unto myself, I have a place where I belong. It is a community where I can share my struggles, my trials and find support. It is a place where I can share my successes and have people to celebrate with me.  This community often gives me the push I need to dig deep and reach for the stars!

What are you thankful for today? Check out these amazing #NHBPM posts from Susan, Heather, and Sam.


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