Day 6 #NHBPM: This Just In…

Day 6 of the National Health Blog Post Month Challenge:  Tuesday, November 6.

Prompt(s):  News-style post or write about a time you had to take the high road

Ladies and Gentleman, we interurpt you regularly scheduled blog reading to bring the latest breaking news from Kim @ Redefining Kim.

It seems earlier today, Kim reached an important realization regarding her eating habits and is going to share her insights with the world. Let’s go live to on our on-the-scene reporter  Bloggy McBloggerson.  Bloggy, take it away.

(Camera cuts to Bloggy)

Hello everyone. This is Bloggy McBloggerson reporting live from Kim’s kitchen – as the blogger prepares to make her big announcement.  Sources have told us that Kim would be speaking about an insight she had with regards to her eating habits.  And she’s making her way to her computer now…

(Camera shifts to Kim who is frantically typing)

My primary care doctor asked me to start journaling my food consumption in detail, as well as tracking my calories burned via my BodyBugg, so that he can have some numerical data to look at during my follow-up in December.  Due to time constraints, travel, and a general lack of desire, I did not implement his orders until this week. But 3 days into the project, it hit me. I eat WAY too much processed food.  I am not talking about chips, Big Macs, or the like. But “healthy” processed foods – protein bars, dark cocoa almonds, protein shakes, even Greek yogurt.  There were no veggies on my list and very little fruit. Is it any suprise that my body is not responding the way I want it to?  So, I decided it’s time to implement a #lessprocessed challenge for myself. The challenge will be similar to that of the fab Roni of Roni’s Weigh.  And I’ll be sharing my meals via Instagram and Twitter – so ya’ll keep me accountable.

(Camera pans out as Kim walks away from computer)

Bloggy’s voice is heard over the scene.  And there you have it folks, a new challenge for Kim. We will keep you abreast as this story continues to develop.

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