Day 7: #NHBPM: Redesign a Doctor’s Office

Day 7 of #NHBPM: Wednesday, November 7.

Prompt: Redesign a doctor’s office of hospital room.


This prompt is really hard for me because I have very little decorating sense.  For example, it has taken me 4 years to find curtains, wall art, and a rug to go in my kitchen. And that’s because I could not for the life of me figure out what I wanted or what would look good. So instead of attempting to redesign a doctor’s office or hospital room, I thought I share the 3 things that I love most about our local hospital’s rooms – as they are the BEST hospital rooms I have ever seen.

1. They use color – No stark white walls here, no soul sucking beige.  Instead, the walls are painted in deep, rich earth tones that convey a sense of comfort and peace.  You almost feel as though you are stepping into a hotel room instead of a hospital.

2.  They display art – The CEO of our hospital spent countless hours hand selecting gorgeous pieces of artwork, prints, and photos to hang in the hallways, common areas, and patient rooms.  It adds to the overall ambience of the facility.

3. They have comfortable furniture – When I use to think about hospital rooms, visions of hard plastic chairs, and lumpy sofas came to mind. But not at this facility. The waiting rooms have soft leather chairs that hug your body, and the rooms have sofas or over-sized chairs that are perfect for sitting in for hours. Best of all they convert to beds, so that patients family can room-in with them and be comfortable.

I guess in the 21st century hospitals and doctor’s offices are realizing that the decor IS important to the patients. If you were designing for one of these, what would you do?


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