Day 8 of #NHBPM: A Letter to My Health

Prompt: Write about how you choose to write about others in your blog. Or write a letter to your health.

Dear Health,

Let me begin by apologizing to you. For years, I have taken you for granted. I foolishly assumed that because I was young that good health would reside within me.  However, in the last year I have met countless people – my own age who are suffering from serious illness, debilitating injuries, or overall poor health.

I realize now that you are a gift.  Each day I wake up free from pain or disease, that is a gift.  Each day, I am able to go to a job that I love, think clearly, work independently, and respond to its mental and physical demands.  Each day, I ask my body to endure physical training – either runs, weight lifting sessions, Zumba classes, or more – and each day you health allow me to do those things. Because you health, I am able to play tag with my daughter, work with my husband on our farm, dance with my friends during a girl’s night out. In short to fully embrace the live that I am living.  Thank you for that!

And just as I realized that you are a gift, I realize that my choices have a direct impact on you. If I choose to eat overly processed, high fat foods – you suffer which results in me having a bloated belly, nausea, and discomfort.  If I choose not to exercise, my muscles decrease, my cardiovascular endurance is limited, and every day life is harder. So today health, I vow once again to appreciate you and to do those things that will allow me to keep you around for many more years to come.

Moreover, I will seek to empower those around me to pursue their own good health!

All my love,


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