Day 9 #NHBPM: A Healthier Care Package

Prompt(s): Community Care Package. Create the perfect care package for your members or fellow patients. Or Write a descriptive post about a memory.

When I hear the words care package, I think back to the boxes that my Mama sent during my college years.  Each week, a brown cardboard box would arrive at the campus post office containing homemade cookies, jars of peanut butter, candy bars, chewing gum, bags of chips, and a sweet card.  Opening those care packages were often the highlight of my week – not only would I be getting more junk food but I was reminded that I was loved and cared for which helped ease the stress of classes.

However, that junk food didn’t do any favors for my waistline. Now, as a mother myself, I know that I will send Joycie care packages when she goes off to college. But I will make them a little more healthy.  Here are the things I would include in her care package:

1.  A new workout DVD – Now, I am sure that in another 16 years when Joycie ships off to college, dvd’s will be a thing of the past. But work with me.  Workout DVD’s are great to include in care packages for a couple of reasons. First, they are inexpensive. For example, Bob Harper of Biggest Loser Fame is currently selling his DVD’s for just 5 dollars. That’s cheaper than the cost of a monthly gym membership. Second, dvds allow you to try a new workout style without committing to a contract. Lastly, and most importantly, they are a subtle reminder to make sure and MOVE

2. Healthier snacks – Let’s face it – people love to eat. And often we have to eat something that is quick and portable.  In my college days, that meant candy bars, potato chips, or cookies.  For Joycie, I am going to send her KIND bars, homemade granola bars, dried fruit, and nuts. All of these items are quick, portable, taste great but are lower in fat and sugar than most junk food items.

3. A new book, cd, or movie – This is my way of reminding Joycie to SLOW DOWN and take some time to just relax.

4. A handwritten note – In the era of e-mail, text messages, Twitter and Facebook, handwritten cards and letters have fallen by the wayside.  And that makes me sad. I have saved each card,  note, and letter that my mother sent me during my 4 years of college. Sometimes, I will pull them out and re-read them.  It is reminds me of where I was at in life during those times, and that my mother’s love for me never wavered. I hope to do the same for Joycie.

So that’s what I would put in my care package, what about you?  Have you ever received a care package?



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