Day 10 #NHBPM: Amazon Does Not Sell Those

Prompt(s): Lol! Post – Write about something funny or that you found funny. Or Should people post about their (or loved ones) health status on Facebook? Why/Why not?

Happy Saturday Everyone! The prompt that jumped out at me today was the LOL post! I am the mother to a nearly 3 year old little girl. And if you’ve ever been around kids for very long, you know that they can be a wealth of humor. I thought I would share a recent conversation that I had with my daughter that left me giggling. 

Recently a couple in our church celebrated the birth of their second child, an adorable baby boy.  His big sister Amelia is in Joycie’s Sunday School class and was excitedly telling her classmates about her baby brother.  When I picked Joycie up from her class, the following conversation happened.

Joycie: “Mama, ‘Melia has a new baby budder.”

Me: “A baby brother, that must be so nice.”

Joycie: “Uh-huh. ‘Melia says she LOVES her baby budder. I want a baby budder, Mama.”

Me (quite suprised as Joycie usually tells her grandparents that she does NOT want siblings): “Oh really, and when would you like this baby budder?”

Joycie: “I need him at our house by Thursday!”

Oh dear, I hate to tell the sweet thing that it does not work quite like that. 🙂

What have you found funny recently?


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