Day 11 #NHBPM: Learning to See my Body Differently

Prompt(s): Anatomy post – relabel an anatomy picture with new names/descriptions for your body parts. Or Write about your favorite thing that is not health related but likely improves your life.

I have to admit that today’s post really tripped me up.  When I first read the prompts, I did not want to write about either of those. I toyed with the idea of using a bonus prompt. But each attempt to compose a post failed miserable.  Finally, I circled back to the original prompts – and the anatomy post began to jump out at me.  I thought about how my view of my body has changed over the years. I have gone from an extremely negative self-image  to a strong one.  That’s when this photo was born:

 I took a phot of myself and labeled the parts of my body that I use to despise.  I shared with you the things that I used to think when I saw those parts of me – and then what I see now.  The biggest difference…I have learned to focus more on what my body can DO rather than the way it LOOKS!

Today, I challenge you to do the same. I’d love to see your versions of this challenge!

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