Day 12 #NHBPM: I choose both

Prompt(s): Call BS on something. What’s something that is just ridiculous? Or My favorite health/app/device game is….

I know that the “rules” are we are supposed to choose one of the two provided prompts and formulate a post around said prompt. But I want to write about both of these prompts, and since it is my blog, I figured that I would do it.

First up, calling BS on something.  I call BS on the overwhelming social standard that caused my 8-year-old niece to come home and ask me if she was “FAT”.  Really…she’s 8….while I think the word fat should be a part of any woman’s vocabulary; it most definitely shouldn’t be part of an 8 year olds. So why does she think she’s fat?  When I asked her about it, she told me that she knows she does not look like the girls on her favorite Disney shows, or the girls on magazine covers.  Light bulb!

I understand that in today’s society being thin is the ideal.  But I think it’s time to shake up that standard. Instead of focusing on a starlet’s weight, the size of her pants, or her measurements – let’s examine her overall health.  Is her cholesterol in a healthy range, her A1C?  Does she eat a balanced diet? Does she allow her body to rest when she’s sick/injured?  Perhaps, if we shifted our focus from skinny to healthy, there could be a whole generation of girls who grew up comfortable and happy with their bodies.  Who’s with me?

 I am just going to jump straight in to a discussion of my 2 favorite health devices.  First up, is the BodyBugg.  The bodybugg calorie management system consists of a monitor that is one on the back part of my upper arm. The monitor records the number of calories I burn, the number of steps that I take, as well as the amount of time I spend during moderate activity.  The information is then transferred to a digital display that I wear as a watch. At the mere touch of a button, I can see how I close I am to meeting my calorie expenditure goals.  Being able to see the numbers, has been motivation for me to look for ways to squeeze in extra steps – i.e. walking to a coworkers office to discuss an issue rather than calling. The system also comes with software that allows me to track my calories burned and calories consumed, so that I can monitor my overall weight loss progress.

The second device that I never leave home without is my GYMBOSS. The GYMBOSS is a small, repeating interval timer. These multi-use timer can be used as a repeating interval timer, a countdown timer or a stopwatch. I use it during tabta style workouts to track my intervals, during running workouts to see how fast I run a set distance, and when weight lifting to countdown my rest intervals.

So what do you guys have to say? Anything you want to call BS on? Any super cool health devices/apps I should know about?

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