Day 15 #NHBPM: And the Nomination Goes to…

Prompts:  Why healthcare companies (or healthcare professionals) should use social media. Or Nominate someone for a Health Activist Award and write a post about why you nominated them.

Today I chose to pay it forward and nominate a blogger who has inspired me for a Health Activist Award. I chose to nominate Sam for the Ms/Mr. Congeniality award.  I met Sam two months ago at the Fitbloggin Conference.

I was standing award in the ballroom, feeling awkward and out of place since I knew absolutely no one in the room.  Sam came up to me with a huge smile, kind eyes, and a big hug. She introduced herself and began a conversation that lasted for a few hours.  After that brief interaction, I knew that I had a friend for the duration of the conference.

And she didn’t stop after Fitbloggin ended.  When I asked for feedback on my blog, Sam was the first to volunteer.  When I tweeted that I was starting to train for my very first figure competition, she let me know that she would be cheering for me virtually – and if I found a competition close to her, she’d be in the front row when I took the stage. When I tweet about a bad workout, a crappy day, or a poor choice I’ve made, Sam is the first to respond with an encouraging word.

Her wonderful personality shines thru her blog as she openly and honestly shares about her own health journey.  She loves to share stories of her Zumba students and their accomplishments – never stating that she was their inspiration – but we all know it’s true.

So for those reasons, I nominated Sam for this award. Love ya Sam!

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