Day 16 #NHBPM: A Photo’s Worth a Thousand Words

Prompts: Use a picture or video to inspire a post.

This picture of Joycie was taking when she was 26 months old. And of the thousands of photos I have of her – professionally taken or snapshots – this image is my favorite.  On this day, I had brought her to an aerobics class I was leading at our church.  As I set up the class area, I turned to find her holding 1 lb weights and mimicking the exercises that I often did at home.

It was a startling reminder of the immense responsiblity that I bear towards her.  She watches my ever move – and she will learn from me how to view herself, how to see her body, how to estimate her self-worth.  So each day, I strive to live a life that is healthy – I eat balance meals (but occasionally indulge in chocolate), I exercise (but take rest days if I’m tired or sick), I laugh loudly and often, and I tell myself I’m beautiful. Joycie will NEVER hear me call myself fat, ugly, or unworthy. Because if she hear me – the Mama she adores and thinks is the “Queen” to her “Princess” – say those things then she might begin to believe them about herself.  And that would be the greatest travesty in this world.

I suppose my point for this post is that someone is always watching you for inspiration. Treat yourself the way you would want those special people in your life to treat themselves.  Remember, you are AMAZING – so live like it!


2 thoughts on “Day 16 #NHBPM: A Photo’s Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Love, Love, LOVE!

    My girl has picked up the weights a time or two, and she often does yoga with me. It’s very cute to watch, and I am proud of both of us for making it happen!

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