Day 17 #NHBPM: My Strengths and Weaknesses

Prompts: My strengths and weaknesses list post Or Make a playlist for your community.

Strengths and weaknesses – seems to be a fairly popular topic. I’ve been on 6 job interviews in my life and have been asked this question all 6 times. And I struggle…ever..single…time.  Not to list my weaknesses – those are always first to  jump out at me. But rather, I have a hard time articulating what I think my strengths are.  I suppose I manage to make a decent argument because I have gotten all 6 jobs.  I just wish it came more naturally, and writing this post did help.


  1. Extremely organized – The items in my pantry are organized by occasion for use (breakfast/snack/etc) and then by alphabetical order. The clothes in my closet are separated by material type, sleeve length, and work vs. casual.  I keep detailed files at the office, with EVERYTHING labeled – so if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, you’ll be able to find what I’ve been working on.
  2. Plays well with others – I can work with a variety of people. I’ve been involved in projects that had me working with all races, ages, sexes, religious points of view.
  3. Excellent Public Speaker – I love to talk – my Daddy likes to joke that I started talking at 9 months old and haven’t hushed since. It’s true. I am comfortable leading presentations, teaching classes, and addressing audiences of all sizes.
  4. I’m dedicated and committed – If I say I’ll do, I’ll do it. If I say I’ll be there, I’ll be there. 


  1. I don’t handle change well. – I like having a plan, sticking to the plan, and seeing the plan thru to completion. But life does not always operate according to my plan.  And when things have to change, it takes time for me to get my bearings.
  2. I get mired in details – Sometimes, I get so focused on the small details of something, that I fail to see the overall picture.
  3. I don’t always stand up for myself – If I get my feelings hurt, I internalize rather than discuss the feelings.  This leads to me bottling things up until I explode – usually on my unsuspecting husband.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? I’d be interested to hear your opinion on what you perceive my strengths or weaknesses to be.

2 thoughts on “Day 17 #NHBPM: My Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. Oh man, I HATE that interview question. Why would I want to talk about my weaknesses at an interview? Dumb. I always struggle with that one too because I want to say something that sounds legitimate without actually admitting to a weakness…

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