Day 25 #NHBPM: Living a Legacy

Prompts: Write about what you want to happen to your blog/community when you die or How have your goals as a patient/advocate/person evolved?

When I started this blog back in the summer I had no true vision or goal – aside from wanting to document my journey thru healthy living. I suppose I saw this blog as a means of accountability and a way to capture the trials and triumphs that came along the way.  Now, almost 5 months into blogging, this blog has grown into an outlet for me – a way to decompress from trying times, a means to develop community – I have met some truly inspiring and amazing people thanks to this blog, and a way to inspire – I share my story with Facebook Followers and have had several friends reach out to me for advice.

Most journey have a final destination – a point where you say “I’m here.”  That’s not true in healthy living, it is a live long process.  Therefore, I intend for this blog to be around for as long as I am.  And when I’m gone, I hope that this blog will live on.  My dream is that my life will be an example for my daughter, Joycie, and that when she grows older she can join me in managing this blog.

If I close my eyes and imagine this blog when I’m gone, I see Joycie blogging about the lessons I taught her and the lessons she is passing on to those around her.  I guess I want this blog to be part of my legacy to her.

If you are a blogger, what would you want to happen to your blog upon your death?

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