I am awesome because I am

A Aware of the amazing creation that my body is. I never fell to marvel at what it has done (given birth, ran multiple 5k’s, walked in a 60 mile walk) and dream of what it can do in the future (figure competition and 10k I’m coming for you).

WWilling to share my journey with others. Sharing what I have learned is one of my greatest joys. If something in my struggle can help another person, that make is all worthwhile.

E Eager to learn new things. When I started pursuing my healthiest life, I was content to stick with running, aerobics, and a few cherish workout DVDs.  Now I am branching out, taking Bounce Classes, learning Zumba, and educating myself about various weightlifting training plans.

S Serious when I need to be, and funny and comical when I don’t need to be.  Nobody likes a “Debbie Downer” and I prefer for my post to be light/easy reading. However, there are some topics and situations that require a more serious voice. I will always devote the appropriate consideration and concern to those issues. And if I don’t – call my hand on it.

O Owning up to my past mistakes and failures. I have not always treated my body and mind with the respect it deserves. Sure, there were a myriad of reasons why, but in the end I CHOSE to do those things to myself.  And I am Overcoming them. Yes, I had bulimia. Yes, I occasionally eat something not on my nutrition plan or I skip a workout.  But I no longer beat myself up about it. I just refocus and move on to the next choice.

M Making goals and plans for the new year.  My biggest goal for 2013 is to learn to be content.  And of course, there is the figure competition.  I have a few other goals formulating and I will be sharing them soon.

E Exactly who I want to be, where I want to be, and doing what I want to be doing. 

 What makes you AWESOME?


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