Weekly Workouts – 12/31 – 1/6

week of 12-31

This is my final week before the start of Best Body Bootcamp. Given that fact plus the fact that I’ve had a few too many holiday indulgences. I am making these weeks workouts cardio heavy. You’ll notice that each morning, I am doing a workout from “Walk Away the Pounds”. I received the Just Walk Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan DVD as a Christmas gift and will be reviewing on the blog next week. So I am taking all 5 of the workouts for a test drive.

My evening workouts will alternate between runs in preparation for the Zooma 5K on January 19th, and workouts from the Gorilla Workout App. My Twitter Feed has been filled with Tweets about completing the Gorilla workouts – and how they are kick butt! I am hoping to encourage the hubby to complete the workouts with me – and even keeping up with them after I start the Best Body Boocamp!

What does your workout schedule look like this week?


2012 Review, 2013 Resolutions

The blogsphere is starting to fill up with posts about the year that is coming to a close and posts about goals and aspirations for the year that lies ahead.  I thought about not posting until after the New Year, as I did not want it to appear that I was just following the trend.

But 2012 was a really good year for me – and that deserves to be celebrated.  Here are the big events that made this year so special:

Yeah, 2012 was a good year. And I am optimistic that 2013 will be even better.  In years past, I wrote extensive and exhaustive New Year’s Resolutions – and then failed to meet them, which drove the perfectionist in me crazy.  This year, I’m doing things a little differently. I am setting 5 big “resolutions” . These 5 resolutions are based around the five things that matter most to me:  my faith, my family and friends, a healthy lifestyle, me as an individual, and this blog. Each month I will set smaller goals that will help me achieve those resolutions.

Resolution One: Deepen my faith and grow spiritually.

Resolution Two:  Strengthen the relationships of those that I love most in the world  – my family and friends.

Resolution Three:  Develop the healthiest lifestyle that I can. This includes embracing fitness, continuing to work on my relationship with food, and getting more comfortable in the kitchen.

Resolution Four:   Do things just for me!

Resolution Five:  Grow Redefining Kim’s readership.

What are your favorite moments from 2012?  Least favorite?  Any goals or resolutions for 2013?

Life After the Holidays

Another Christmas has come and gone. Did you have a great holiday?  I did – I spent it with my amazing family and wonderful friends. There were presents, good food, laughter, and lots of memories made.  But now it is time to return to the normal routine of work, home life, and attempting to live a healthy lifestyle.

In years past, I dreaded the day after Christmas. It would be the day that I stepped on the scale and saw a HUGE jump in my weight due to too many holiday indulgences and a lack of activity.  Then I would spend the next week beating myself up, making grandiose New Year’s resolutions, and start the New Year off in a funk.

Not this year.

Before the holidays got in full swing, I set one simple goal – to not gain any weight.  I knew that losing weight admist a sea of buffet dinners, cookies, cakes, and homemade pies was possible – but not probable – and would likely make me a Scrooge.  I vowed to listen to my body – eat when I was hungry, enjoy treats in moderation, and to move as much as possible throughout the holidays.

And I did.

And the scale this morning….shows the same weight I was last week – which is lower than what I was on Thanksgiving.

I’m happy.

No funk here.

Now I can focus on making specific goals for 2013 – that have nothing to do with the number on the scale.


My Thoughts on Newtown, CT

On Thursday, I wrote this post. In it, I shared that I had decided not to compete in a figure competition at this time – due to the fact that the time required for training was negatively impacting my family.

And then Friday came.

I spent the majority of my day in teleconferences – away from my telephone, my computer, or any other source of news.  Finally, around 3:00 p.m., I pulled up CNN for a quick look at the news.

And that’s when I learned of the horrible, unspeakable, shocking tragedy in Newtown, CT.

I wept.

I wept as I read the reports of the gruesome scene at the school.

I wept as the victim count kept rising.

I wept as I thought of those families who were waiting in agonizing fear to learn if their child was a victim.

I wept on the drive home from my office as I listened to news reports filling in the details.

I wept when I held my daughter in my arms.

For most of the weekend, the normal rules at our house went out the window.  I let Joycie have dessert before dinner, stay up late, eat cookies for breakfast, and do a few other things that were not part of our normal routine.

I was just so grateful that my child was alive, happy, healthy and whole.

I also stepped away from the blog for the past few days.  I devoted that time to loving on my family – taking my MIL out to dinner for her birthday,  having my nieces over for a playdate, cuddling on the couch with my husband, and watching cartoons with Joycie.

I still worked out. I still ate healthy.   But I had no desire to blog about it.  It seemed so trivial – my desire to lose weight – when compared with the loss of 28 lives – 20 of those innocent children. 

But just as the people of Newtown, CT have to return to life – so do I.  So the blog will be back up and running as usual starting today. However,  I will blog from a new perspective, with a new appreciation for each day that I am given.

I will send my daughter to daycare this morning – believing and trusting that she will be safe.  But I have no guarantees.  So I take comfort in knowing that should I ever receive a call that NO parent should get, I have shown my daughter that she is loved and cherished.

And perhaps that is the bright spot in the midst of such darkness.

That we as individuals – and hopefully as a nation – are being reminded to love those around us with intensity and to show that love daily.


Redefining My Dream

This is not an easy post for me to write. I have wanted to write it for several days.  But each time I sat down at the keyboard, I would chicken out.

“What will my readers think?”

“I’m going to lose my creditability”

“People will see me as a quitter.”

Almost three weeks ago, I blogged this post where I declared that I would be competing in my first figure completion on March 23rd.  And when I typed those words..I was dead serious, 100% committed.

I mapped out every.single.workout for the next 3 months, I prepared meals, cancelled social outings all in the name of training.  I saw my body starting to change.  But ya’ll – life at the Lee house has not been good doing for the past 2 weeks, and if I am really honest since I started loosely training back in September. 

I was spending my free moments either on the treadmill for cardio, hefting weights in our home gym, or at the computer researching figure competition sights. I was ignoring the two people who matter most – my husband and my daughter. And it showed.  My husband became moody, distant, and we were fighting a LOT. My normally happy go lucky daughter was throwing temper tantrums at the drop of a hat.

Last week, I had an “ah-ha” moment – and made a valiant attempt to schedule my training around my family.  For the most part it worked.

Then last night as we sat at our kitchen table enjoying a dinner of homemade fajitas (that I cooked!), I realized something.   I was engaging in true conversation with Micheal rather than answering yes/no, or nodding while going over my training plan in my head. I snuggled on the couch with my daughter rather than heading to the gym for extra cardio. For the first time in months, I did not feel stressed. There was no ball of tension in my stomach, or knots of apprehension in my neck, and I was not only smiling but laughing

So I said all of that to say this – I will not be competing in the Iron Eagle in March. I am sure there are women out there who can balance the demands of a career, family, and training without completing wigging out.  But I’m not one of them. 

Does that mean I’ll never compete?  Of course not, it is still a dream of mine. It’s just not a dream I want to pursue in this season of my life.

Does that mean I’m giving up weight lifting? Nope.  I love lifting weights – and my hubby has shown a recent interest in lifting with me, so that will continue to be part of my routine.

So what’s next?

I have registered for Round 4 of Best Body Bootcamp hosted by the ever amazing Tina. And am seriously considering training for a half-marathon starting in April. 

I also plan on using my extra time to play in my kitchen as I try to expand my arsenal of healthy meals, take long walks with the hubby and kids, and work on this blog.

And instead of spending our anniversary in Savannah for my competition, the hubby and I are heading to a little B & B in St. Augustine where we will enjoy bed in breakfast, in-room massages, a carriage ride thru the city, and a fancy-shmacy dinner.

To those of you who have supported me while I trained – thank you.  And I hope that your support will continue as I redefine my dreams for now.

Celebrate the Small Victories

Weight loss is HARD.  And no matter the amount you have to lose it can be a frustratingly slooooooooooow process.  Given these facts, it is often easy to say “Screw it” and go scarf down a bag of Doritos.

But then you just feel guilty.

So what do you do?  How do you keep yourself motivated as you move thru your journey?

For me, the one thing that has kept my motivation (and sanity) has been to celebrate the small victories.  Take this week for example, I was able to shave a whole minute off my mile time, managed to stay under my recommended sugar and sodium levels for 4 days, and walk 3 miles every.single.day.

I have no idea if those actions will translate  into a loss on the scale. But even if it doesn’t, I know I have made myself healthier. And that excites me, and has me wanting to keep going. Life just like weight loss is not an end-point destination, even if I make it to my goal weight tomorrow, I still have (hopefully) many, many, many years ahead of me. So I need to focus on those things that improve my health and trust that in time the weight loss will come.

What small victories can you celebrate this week?


Weight is NOT always Calories In vs. Calories Out

I have spent the last year trying to lose 20 pounds.  And it has been a humbling experience.  For the majority of my life, losing weight was never a problem. I gained 60 pounds my freshman year of college and lost all of it and then some less than 4 months into my sophomore year of college.  In 2008, I fell in love and gained 20 plus pounds that I managed to shave off in the mere 5 months between our engagement and our wedding.  And by Joycie’s 4 month check-up I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

But something’s changed.

And I don’t know what.  The majority of the medical profession (and the health and fitness industry for that matter) will tell you that the key to weight loss is to consume less calories than you burn.   However, in my case that has not been true.net caloriesThis is a chart that shows my “net calories” for the last 30 days. Net calories are the total calories consumed less any exercise. On  95% of the days, I was below my target – meaning I burned more calories than I consumed. Therefore, it would seem logical that the scale would show weight loss.  But my weight was remained the same for the last 30 days.

Frustrated, I started digging into my past food journals, and I began to see a pattern. When I was at my lowest height, there were 3 common factors: I walked 2-3 miles every single day (in addition to running and weight lifting), I kept my sugar consumption under 26 grams per day, and my sodium consumption as between 1500-1800 mg.  Fast forward a year, and I am not walking 2-3 miles a day, and as for sugar and sodium….

Well, I think the graphs speak for themselves.

sodiumsugarBased on this, I am drawing the conclusion that for me to lose weight – I have to walk every.single.day, reduce my sugar consumption, and lower the amount of sodium in my diet.  I have a follow-up my doctor on Wednesday. I am going to share my thoughts with him, and see what he thinks.  But for now, this seems like a good plan of attack for those extra 20 pounds.

 Over to you, have you found that weight loss is more than just calories in vs. calories out?

Weekly Workouts – 12/10 – 12/15

Good morning! It’s another beautiful Sunday morning here in South Georgia. As the new week unfolds, I am busy prepping lunches, meal planning our family dinners, and scheduling my workouts for the week. Here is what my workout schedule looks like for this week:


Workous Week of 12-10

I have  made a few tweaks to both my workouts and my nutrition plan for this week.  I have mentioned several times on the blog that I have really been struggling to lose the 20 or so pounds that I have gained between November 2011 and January 2012. In spite of changing my workouts, modifying my diet, and even using medication the pounds have not budged. Last week, I went back thru my fitness journal and analyzed all of my workouts and meals from the time period when I was my lowest weight. 

That analysis revealed 2 things.  First, every day I walked at least 3 miles in addition to my other workouts (i.e. runs/aerobics/lifting). Second, I was not consuming more than 30 grams of sugar per day.  My goal for this week is to walk 3 miles every day and to consume less than the 30 grams of sugar.  I am hoping that these small tweaks my jump-start my weight loss once again.

So, it’s your turn. What workouts have you scheduled for the upcoming week? Any goals you want to share?

It is not just about me….

Yesterday was another “ah-ha” moment for me. I seem to be having quite a few of those lately. After picking up my daughter from pre-school, I had to run my a friend’s studio to pick up a proof CD.  My daughter got busy playing with the toys while my friend and I conversed. When it was time to leave – FULL ON TODDLER TANTRUM ensued.

There were tears, screams, snots, – and the toddler was upset too. ( <–Mama humor ) I managed to get her into her car seat and headed home. As we drove past the fast food restaurants lining the road, she began to beg for French fries and chicken nuggets.  And for a moment, I was really tempted to turn in.

But I kept going, she kept crying, and I got to thinking.  I put so much time and effort into my training, preparing healthy meals and snacks to support my training, but very little time into doing the same for my daughter.

The truth of the matters is most nights she has chicken nuggets and milk while watching cartoons.  No mother of the year awards for me.  I realized that my life has become so “busy” that I am not giving my daughter (or husband) the time and attention that they deserve. While I blog about healthy living, my daughter is fed food that is barely above the “junk food” category.

And that is just.plain.wrong.

It has to stop.

So last night, instead of coming home, changing clothes, and heading into the gym, my husband and I prepared dinner together. We talked about our daughter’s eating habits, small changes we can make now, and our ultimate goals. Then the 3 of us set down to a meal together.  So, what’s changing?

  1. My training schedule
    1. Yes, I will still run 3 days a week, and lift 4 days a week. But the lifting session will happen AFTER family dinner and while either my husband gives her a bath or she has play time in her room (hubby often lifts with me).
  2. My daughter’s snacks and meals
    1. My daughter is picked up from pre-school by her grandparents most days, and they have settled into a pattern of giving her a Chicken nugget Happy Meal as an afternoon snack. Not good.  We are going to sit down with our parents this weekend and ask that they not buy these anymore. If my daughter is hungry after school, she can have a snack of either fresh fruit, yogurt, or a few other options.  
    2. Secondly, we are going to attempt to get our picky eater to try new vegetables.  I’ve created a chart that we will fill with a sticker each time she tries a vegetable. After the chart is full, she can redeemed it for a new toy or a special treat (i.e. pizza night with Mama and Daddy).
  3. How my Family eats supper  
    1. Meals for the week will be planned on Friday nights, groceries and prep done on Sunday.
    2. The hubby will be in charge of meal prep on Mondays and Thursdays (my weekly run nights) and I will take Tuesdays and Fridays (his run nights), with leftovers for Wednesday. 
    3. No more eating in front of the t.v. We will eat as a family at our kitchen table.
  4.  Less Cartoons and More Play  
    1.  After family dinner, my daughter will have about an hour to play before bath time. We will use this hour to play as a family – hide-n-go seek, dress-up, games on the Wii.
    2. On Fridays, this hour will be devoted to watching a movie or cartoon together.  I have all of the classic animated Christmas movies, so we hope to watch those in the next few weeks.

 I know that creating a plan is the easy part. Putting the plan to work is where the challenge comes in. However, I know the reward (a happier, healthier, more connected family) is well worth the effort. I am also realistic in regards to my daughter and her picky eating habits.  I do not expect her to fall in love with vegetables over night, and will consider it a victory if she will at least attempt a bite.

 Do any of your Mama’s out there have tips for me on how to deal with my picky eater? Advice on kid-approved healthy meals?  Suggestions on how to sneak in more veggies?