Favorite Things Friday: Fitness Apps

(I’m trying some new things here on the blog. One of which is doing a light/fun post on Fridays.  For now, I’ll be sharing my favorite things with you each Friday – some are healthy realated living and some aren’t.  Feel free to share you favorite things with me and they may be featured here one Friday)

Happy Friday Everyone!  How are you enjoying 2013 so far?  Things have been pretty good here on my end.  A little bit of work, a little bit of play, a few workouts, and lots of family time has gotten this year off to a great start.

New Year’s is typically when people start to incorporate healthy living principles into their daily routine – whether it’s making changes to their diets or starting a new workout routine.  But if you are relatively new to the world of healthy living you can feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, in today’s technologically driven world there is a plethora of apps that can assist you in defining and pursuing your healthy living goals in 2013.  I thought I would share with you the 3 fitness apps that I am using on a daily basis.

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  • MyFitnessPal –  This app was created by the folks behind the MyFitnessPal website. You simply create a profile, and are then provided with a estimate of how many calories you need to consume in a day. The app allows you to track your completed exercise and log the foods that you consume. The app’s database is full of hundreds of foods and restaurant menus, but also has a bar scanner function that allows you to enter the nutritional information of a specific food.  If you need an extra boost of motivation, you can link your MyFitnessPal profile with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts so that your friends and family can help keep you motivated.


  • Couch to 5K – The app from Active.com is the only app that I have that I actually spent money on. But at only $1.99 it was well worth the cost.  The app allows users to choose from 3 virtual trainers – Constance, Billie and Sergeant Block –the trainers  incorporate a real human voice, correspond with a different exercise style and regiment, and provide their own motivational messages and advice. The training program itself consists of 3 workouts each week for 9 weeks.  Each of the sessions lasts from between 20 to 40 minutes. This is the app that I recommend to all new runners. In the past year, I have had 5 different friends train for their first 5K using this app.


  • Gorilla Workout –  This is a relatively new app for me.  The app begins by asking you to select your fitness level from 1-4. Beginners or those who haven’t worked out in awhile should start at level 1.  After choosing your level, the app creates daily regiments for you to follow.  Initially the workouts seem easy but the app amps up the intensity overtime.  The workouts themselves are composed of body weight exercises which means you don’t need any equipment to work up a great sweat. This app is great for those who are pressed for time, travel frequently, or just don’t want to head into the gym.

 So there you have it – my 3 favorite and most frequently used fitness apps.  Have you tried any of these apps? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Any recommendations for others apps I should try?

One thought on “Favorite Things Friday: Fitness Apps

  1. I love Fitness pal, totally addicted to the bar scanner! I have been using it for awhile and it definitely helps keep me on track. Maybe someday when I get out of the dark ages and get a smartphone I can try some running apps 😉

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