Mama on the Move: Dawn

I am launching a new series here on the blog titled “Mama on the Move”. Each week I will feature the story of a mom is juggling the demands of a career, a family, possibly a blog all while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. These are women whose stories inspire me and I hope will inspire you.

First up  is Dawn!   Dawn is a wife, mother, a self-proclaimed IT-nerd, and a blogger at “Another Prior Fat Girl”.



1. What was your turning point moment? Tell me about the moment/moments you realized you needed to make changes.
I had been trying to lose weight for over 10 years with one step forward and two steps back. Not until my daughter was born in 2011 did I wake up and realize that overweight and unhealthy was not how I wanted to raise my child. I wanted her to have a healthy mom who would be around for a very long time…but it still didn’t click right away. I was exhausted from the late nights, middle of the night and early morning feedings, and didn’t feel like my body was my own. I finally started my weight loss journey on January 1, 2012, when she was around 10 months old.

2. What was the easiest healthy habit to adopt?
Exercise has been the easiest healthiest habit to adopt but even that took a  little while to become regular.  I really enjoy the time to myself, the way the endorphins help my mood and energy levels, and that my confidence builds with every workout I complete.

3. The hardest?
Cooking has always been and may always be the one thing with which I struggle. I have found that having easy to prepare foods is key,
especially during busy work weeks. Grilled steak or chicken with steamed vegetables and salads are go-to meals. I admit that I rely on convenience after a long day at work but am trying to get better at meal planning and preparing.

4. Tell me about your favorite workouts.
I started running last year and completed several 5ks, an 8k, 10k, and my first half marathon! I love how I feel after completing a training run or race, and am trying to put together my spring half marathon training plan. My sister and I are going to run the Marine Corps Historic Half in May and I can’t wait! I also recently started practicing yoga, and while I have enjoyed every class that I’ve attended, I especially love hot yoga. I can’t get enough of it! One of my favorite at-home workouts is Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred; each level is very challenging but the workouts are less than 25 minutes long. A short yet intense workout is perfect for moms who don’t have a lot of time!

5. Share your favorite healthy meal.
I think my favorite – and easiest – healthy meal is beef soup with tons of vegetables and sweet potatoes. It never tastes the same twice because I just throw in whatever vegetables and spices sound good, but it’s filling and perfect for winter.

6. How do you balance motherhood and healthy living?
I really struggled with mom-guilt at first because I felt like I was sacrificing time with my daughter to go to the gym. It took me a while, but now I know that she’s just fine without me for that little chunk of time. She either gets to spend some extra time at ‘school’ with her little friends or with her dad and our dogs. I know I’m a healthier and better mom because I’m focusing on my health. As I mentioned, I struggle with always cooking healthy foods, so I need more balance in that area.

7. Do you have a personal mantra? If so, what is it?
I never really thought of it as a mantra, but I just tell myself to keep going. There is no end to this journey because living a healthy life is constant. I won’t hit my goal weight and stop being healthy. I have to keep going. 🙂

8. If you could share just one lesson you’ve learned with other moms, what would it be?
That it’s okay to put yourself first. Being a healthier mom has made me a better mom!

Didn’t I tell you Dawn was amazing and inspiring. Be sure to show her some blog love or giver her a shout out on Twitter (her handle is @PFG_Dawn).  Be sure to check back next Monday for another inspiring Mama on the MoveIf you a Mama on the Move or know one that I should feature on the blog, let me know in the comments!


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