Work it Out Wednesday: Leslie Sansone’s Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!  Look at me – launching my 2nd new series on the blog this week. I must be on fire …lol…let’s see if it lasts.  My ultimate vision for Work it Out Wednesday’s is to use it as a space to review various workouts – from DVD’s, to magazine workouts, to the plethora of suggestion on Pinterest. Sure, they look promising and perhaps even fun – but are they.  Each week, I test out the workout and then share with you the calories I burned, my impressions of the workout, and where I think it could fit into a fitness routine.

Since I am actively participating in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, I will be using Work it Out Wednesday’s to share my weekly recaps – at least for the next 8 weeks.  Since I am only on the 2nd day of bootcamp,I am not ready to give my weekly recap.  So for this first installment, I will be reviewing Leslie Sansone’s Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan.



What the workout claims:  Each day you’ll burn loads of calories with “Your Daily Walk” and then target-tone a specific muscle group with “Your Daily Strength.”

What the workout consists of:  5 daily workouts – Monday: 3 Mile Walk + Ab Session, Tuesday: 4 Mile Walk + Arm Session, Wednesday: 1 Mile Walk + Leg Session, Thursday: 2 Mile Walk + Chest & Back Session, Friday: 5 Mile Walk + Full Body Stretch

My results:  My calorie burns ranged as little as 100 calories on the 1 mile walk to nearly 350 for the 4 mile walk.  

My thoughts:  The calorie burn was not what I would call a “big burn” or a “load of calories”.  However, I did burn more calories than I would just sitting on the couch. The strength segments were composed of very basic moves and would likely not be challenging for more experienced lifters.  With that being said, I think spending $10.00 for this DVD is not a bad investment. If you use walking as your primary means of exercise, this DVD is a great substitute to walking on the treadmill or on days when you can’t get outside.  For those of you who prefer other methods of cardio,  I could see using these workouts on active rest days…and would HIGHLY recommend them for someone who is just easing into fitness.

Your turn – Have you ever tried one of Leslie Sansone’s DVDs?  Any workouts you want me to review?





One thought on “Work it Out Wednesday: Leslie Sansone’s Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

  1. I have a confession. 4 years ago when I was seriously out of shape and severely overweight, Leslie Sansone’s walking videos saved my life and got me started on a path to fitness.
    I actually still use them on active recovery days when the weather is too poor to get outside and walk, and I highly recommend them to others. Great review! You’re absolutely right about the low calorie burn, but for some, something is a lot better than nothing at all!

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