Favorite Things Fridays: Outifts

Wahoo! Only 8 hours stand between me and the weekend.  It’s going to be a busy one. Tomorrow morning the hubby and I are taking our daughter to “Pirates, Princesses and Pals”. It is an event put on by our local service league where kids get to enjoy a pancake breakfast and meet some of their favorite characters (Cinderella, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, etc.).  Then tomorrow afternoon we are going to a birthday party to celebrate the first birthday of Miss Mattie – the daughter of a long-time friend. My friend has battled polysistic ovary syndrome for years and was told she would never have children. So Miss Mattie is an extra special blessing and we ar going to shower her with lots of love tomorrow.

For this week’s installment of Favorite Things Friday, I thought I would share a few of the outfits that I’m really digging right now.  Growing up I had no interest in anything girly. As the quintessential tomboy, I spent my teenage years more interested in learning football defense schemes than makeup and  preferred sweats and sneakers to cute dresses and skirts.  However, as I have gotten older and entered the professional workforce, I’ve come to learn the importance of looking pulled together and polished.   One of my goals for January is to put more time into creating outfits from the items in my closet.  Ya’ll, it has been fun!  This goal is forcing me to think outside the box of just throwing on a pair of dress slack and a blouse.  Not everything I’ve put together has been a success.  But some outfits – at least to me – have felt like home runs.


The three looks above are all things I wore in the last week. Two were worn to the office and one was worn on a Saturday I spent running errands.  In the past 11 days, I have gained a few insights into my fashion tastes:

  • There is always an element of softness to my look.  Whether it is an oversized sweater (as in the skirt pic) or a cardigan, I feel more like me with a softy look.
  • Color excites me.  No more days of black tops with black pants for me.  I like using color to add an unexpected pop to my look. Right now, I am especially fond of bold oranges, deep blues, and yellow.
  • I enjoy using accessories but do not always find them necessary.   In two of the photos above, I used accessories – a scarf one and a belt & necklace in the other.  But in the third look, the only accessory I had on was my wedding ring and the digital watch for my BodyBugg. 

Your turn – Are you a fashionista?  Could you care less about fashion as long as you are dressed you are happy?  Any favorite looks you want to share?


One thought on “Favorite Things Fridays: Outifts

  1. I can’t see your outfit pic! 😦

    I’ve always been pretty girly (I worked for a cosmetic company for a while!), but recently I’m experimenting with my look at bit too–trying new makeup, new clothes, new shoes–it’s lots of fun! I have about a zillion pins on Pinterest of outfits I like. It’s a great source for outfit, and accessory, inspiration. 🙂

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