Weekly Workouts: 1-14 thru 1-17-13

Good morning ya’ll!  I hope that each of you is having a fantastic weekend and enjoying a lovely Sunday morning.  My weekend has been a busy but happy one.  Saturday was spent scurrying from one family activity to another followed by a late Saturday afternoon nap and snuggles on the couch. 🙂  After a busy Saturday, I have made absolutely no plan for today.  The hubby and I might do a workout or we might opt to fall asleep while watching football. 

Anyways, per Redefining Kim tradition, Sundays are meant for sharing my weekly workouts.  Tomorrow will kick off the 2nd week of #BestBodyBootcamp.  I have to say that the Week 1 workouts literally kicked my tail.  I tweeted @Tinareale on Saturday and told her that there wasn’t a single muscle in my body that wasn’t sore.  And I meant it!  Thankfully, the soreness is not so painful that it makes life uncomfortable – just enough to let me know I’m being challenged.

So here is this week’s schedule:


ww 1-14-13


This week’s workout schedule varies a little from Tina’s suggestion for #BestBodyBootcamp. That’s due to the fact that on Saturday morning, my running group and I will be running the Zooma 5K on Amelia Island!!!!   Since my knee has been given me a bit of trouble, I want to make sure that I have it in the best possible shape on Saturday, so I’m taking a full rest day on Friday.  I’ll also scale back the intensity of my interval workouts (although I did them last week without any knee issues). Assuming all goes well on race day, I will likely add in the 3rd weight/cardio circuit on next Sunday.  But I’m leaving my options open.

Alright, time for more coffee and to start breakfast.  Have a great day everybody!




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