Musing on a Monday Morning

Good morning everyone!  How is it Monday already?  I swear time goes by much fast on the weekend than it ever does during the week.  But no complaints from me – in a bit I’ll head to a  job I love, and at week’s end I’ll be heading to Amelia Island, FL for the Zooma Run 5K and Half Marathon!!!

Today’s post is going to be one of those inward focused, belly-button gazing as Mizfit likes to say type of posts.  On Saturday, the hubby and I took our daughter to a birthday party of the daughter of our high school classmate.  As it happened, there were several high school classmates in attendance some of which I had not seen since graduation – nearly 13 years ago.  Towards the end of the party, I found myself conversing with a former classmate and he posed the question “So what are you doing now? Last time I saw you…you were planning on ruling the world.”

I made some witty comment about how ruling the world interfered with my time at the spa and had opted for a day job instead.  But I left the party wondering if I had somehow gotten of course from my dreams and had failed to live up to my full potential.  As I turned his comments over in my head, I realized something.  I hadn’t gotten of course of my dreams – I had just adopted better ones. 

I applaud those people who are in positions of power – governors, Senators, even the President.  But that’s not for me.  Truth is, when I was barreling along that path, I often felt lonely. Now instead of ruling the world, I intend on changing it – making it a better place than it was when I came into it.

I’ll likely never gain lots of fame or fortune.  But each day I share pieces of myself with you, my readers, which has allowed me to form deep and lasting friendships.  I practice the principles of healthy living which shows my daughter how to live a healthy life.  I strive to show kindness and compassion to others – in hopes that they will in turn show kindness to others.  All little things……but little things that I believe will add up to a BIG impact.

This isn’t really about ruling the world or changing it.  It is simply about understanding how you define success.  And for me success is not about the number of page views I have, the number of Twitter followers I get, or if my name ever appears in a national newspaper or magazine.  If I can brighten the day of just a single person…then my life will have been a life well lived.

Over to you, how do you define success?  Is the life your living now different from the one you envisioned for yourself at 18?


One thought on “Musing on a Monday Morning

  1. I agree that our course in life changes over the years. I too strive to make myself a healthy example for my daughter and try and make a positive affect on those around me. I love this post, thanks for sharing!

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