January Review and February Goals!!!!

 Is it really February? I swear that just yesterday I was digging out the Christmas tree and trying to figure out last minute gifts. Now, I’m helping Joycie pick out Valentine’s for her classmates, baking lots of heart shaped goodies, and working on a special Valentine’s Day surprise for the hubby. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Anyways…. Let’s review my January goals:

january 2013  goals

Overall, I would give myself a B- for meeting my January goals. Here’s why:

Bible Reading: I managed to read my Bible daily for 2.5 out of the 4 weeks this month. And while that’s progress, it was not a complete goal.

Date Nights: This goal gets a BIG FAT F! Not a single date night in the entire month. Yes, we were busy. Yes, there were illnesses, and late nights at work, and other issues beyond our control. But it is crucial that Mikey and I get time alone as a couple. Must. Work. On. This.

Cooking 3 New Healthy Recipes: I knocked this goal out of the park. This month I prepared: Paleo Chick Parm, Dijon Porkchops, Everyday Paleo’s Crockpot Beef Stew, and Peppered Steak! 4 new recipes prepared and they were delish!

Fashion: I put a lot more thought, time, and effort into getting dressed this month. And while I didn’t snap pics of every single thing I wore, I feel like I got what this goal’s intention was – to make the effort! 

Blogging:   Another homerun on this goal. I launched 3 new weekly features on Redefining Kim: Mama on the Move, Work It Out Wednesday, and Favorite Thing Fridays.

So what I’m shooting for in February….

feb 2013 goals

Read my Bible each morning: I noticed a big difference in my mood and outlook on the days where I managed to read my Bible before jumping into the day. I was much calmer, happier, and a lot MORE patient. On the days I didn’t, I felt out of sorts, short-tempered, and maybe just a bit grumpier. So I’m going to keep this goal on my list for the foreseeable feature – until it becomes automatic!

3 Date Nights with Mikey: One of my favorite sayings regarding marriage and family is “If Mikey and I don’t work, then nothing does.”. Basically, if Mikey and I are not connected and in tune with one another – the other areas of our lives our negatively effective. And it is hard to stay connected when we are so busy with work, church, family demands, workouts, etc. Date nights – whether at home or out on town force us to slow down and focus on each other. So 3 of this will happen this month. I even have the first one lined up (shhh…don’t tell Mikey. It’s a surprise).

Paleo Challenge: Every meal, every day in February will be Paleo. That simple!

Mani/Pedi: I love manicures and pedicures but never get them done. I feel bad about spending money to pamper myself. However, it is okay to pamper myself every now in then. So before February is over, I’ll be rocking a new manicure and pedicure.

Guest Posting: If I want the readership of Redefining Kim to grown, then I need to reach out to more people. A great way to do this is to share my story via guest posts on other blogs. I have a few ideas of guest posts that I’d like to write, so I’m going to seek out those opportunities.

There you have it. I’m pretty happy with my efforts in January. I may not have achieved every goal, but I made a great effort.

What are your goals for February? I wanna hear them!

2 thoughts on “January Review and February Goals!!!!

  1. Great goals! I am shooting for continuing with my strength training, I got it in 3 days the last 2 weeks and really Cantrell the difference. I would like to do at least 1 date night with my hubby (we recently moved and I just got some babysitter leads). My biggest goal is to blog more…I feel like it keeps me more accountable and I really need that right now. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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