#GoDW: Admitting my Failure

It’s been pretty quiet around the blog – and normally when healthy living bloggers are quiet it means one thing…..that they’ve fallen away from the healthy  habits that they’ve developed.  And while that is not true in ever instance, it is in mine or at least partially.

I am still following my training plan which includes 3 weekly run, an aerobics class, 2 days of weight lifting and some yoga thrown in for good measure. But my Paleo challenge has fallen apart.  I did great for the first 20 days of February. Then I got lazy. Add in some minor marital drama and it is a recipe for finding me reaching for my favorite non-Paleo comfort foods.

Yes, even after years of hard work, therapy, and this blog I still have moments of emotional eating.  At least now I recognize them for what they are, figure out what triggered it, and move forward.

Nothing different this time.

I plan on finishing out February with as many Paleo meals as possible but will likely eat some non-Paleo items as well. After all my baby girl has her 3rd birthday party this weekend (sniff – how is my baby 3???) and will want me to share her cupcake with her (she eats the icing and I eat the cake). I will push the reset button on Sunday, March 3rd and move forward.

Your turn:  How do you handle slip-ups and setbacks in your healthy living journey?

5 thoughts on “#GoDW: Admitting my Failure

  1. I was just contemplating how to cope with setbacks myself. I often fall into a mindset of “well, I’ve already blown my diet this week so I may as well eat this really unhealthy meal too.”

    I’m working on being able to acknowledge the misstep and not let it dictate my next choice. If I didn’t work out yesterday, that’s okay, but I am trying not to let it affect whether I would out today or not.

  2. I have learned over the years to just try and not beat myself up over it. Also if I slip up at lunch I will try and make better choices at dinner. I have learned not to let it ruin the entire day. Also to just pick it back up the next day and start over. Learning to love myself and not have that negative self talk was huge for me.

  3. I like to think that failure is only failure if we choose to give up… and this is not the case.

    Every step of our life is a learning lesson and we never stop learning. Don’t allow self-doubt, shame, and guilt put a roadblock in your destination. Pick yourself up, dust off, and onward. 🙂

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