February Review and March Goals

Hey ya’ll! I intended for this post to go up yesterday but I spent the afternoon playing dress-up, tea party, and princesses with my daughter instead. Then I spent the evening preparing for her birthday party – which was earlier today (pics to come tomorrow…if you are interested in that stuff).

Anyways, it is the 2nd day of March and I am reflecting on February and setting my goals for the remainder of March.

To recap, my February goals were:

1. To Read my Bible 30 minutes a day

2. Have 3 date nights with Mikey.

3. Eat Paleo for 30 days

4. Treat myself to a mani/pedi

5. Seek out 2 guest posting opportunities.

How did I do?

I met goals 1, 2, and 4. However, stress, looming deadlines, and some mixed up emotions came together to derail me at day 21 of my 30 days of Paleo. But at least I was able to recognize what had happened and got myself back on course. The stress and deadlines also meant that I did not devote much time to blogging in February, so no time for finding guest posting opportunities.

If I was grading myself, I would say that February’s performance earned me a B – which is better than the B B- that I gave myself for January. That’s progress!

Now, what am I aiming for in March?

March 2013 Goals

I think most of my goals for the month of March are pretty easy and attainable.  The spiritual journal is really just an extension of my daily Bible reading, with the blueberry farming season picking up my weekends are spent at home which means I could easily devote a Saturday to a Mama & Joycie Day.  I’ve already done 21 days of Paleo, so an extra 9 days shouldn’t be much of a stretch. I just need to be sure to plan ahead and follow my plan!  I need to just pick a day and schedule the massage. Most of my efforts in March will be focused on the blog. Yes, I have 3 items under that heading – ambitious I’d agree – but I think that if I’m smart and work at it, I can do all 3.  And in turn, the blog should reap the benefits.

For now, I am posting this entry and heading back to the couch.  The weather is turning rainy and cold which means snuggling under a blanket with my hubby and daughter.  I’d call that a great Saturday afternoon.

In the meantime,  tell me about your goals for March?

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